SUCCESS-It’s not just a word. It’s everyone’s desire. There’s no one who doesn’t want success. A seven letter word has a power to make you successful. Something like everyone wants to be like you.

You get only one chance to get success and that time you must have a courage to take this chance “a risk”. Without taking this risk you can’t get this desirable position where everyone adore you, admire you and accept you as an ideal.

“Life is a risk, if you have courage to take a risk

Then surely you get success & prosperity.”


32 thoughts on “Successful

      1. Bad luck is something happened and your luck did not support you like you prepared hard for exam and you failed but in case of detrimental luck you know overeating can harm you but still you are eating and tending towards poverty.

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  1. Thank God ! I took a chance & plunged into writing a book at 63 after my retirement from Bank . Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . In 16 countries , 118 libraries India , 3 in USA . Why did you not meet me Monica Madam a few decades earlier .??? 🍎🍎🍎🍎

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  2. Hey there!

    I’m K&L, the CEO of the Millionaire’s Digest who runs the 300+ Millionaire’s Digest team, and I recently received your application to join our team. I also received a question from you asking what the process is for selection of posts, and there is no process of selection. You just write what you’re passionate about, but you’re just not allowed to write about yourself.

    Anyway, if you think you want to give it a shot, I’ve sent you an invitation to your email.

    The Millionaire’s Digest Author, Publisher & CEO

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  3. Srinivas Ramanujam said, “Everything is already out there, we just haven’t found it yet”. And to find what is obscured right now , you are right, one has to think out of the box.


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