India is a democratic country…. Really??? 

You know we live in India ,a democratic country,the largest democracy in the world. India is the seventh largest in terms of area and second most popular country. But do you really think so it’s a democratic country…??  I think it’s a political country and politicians ruling over it from decades. 

I like to share my views about the political structure of my country, I hope you agree with me.  

See, we have seven big national political parties – Bhartiya janta party (BJP), Indian national congress (INC), Communitst party of India (CPI), Communitst party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)), National Congress party (NCP), Bahujan samaj party (BSP)  and All India Trinamool congress (TMC)  and apart from these we also have many states and regional parties too. Politics in our country is much rougher and much more corrupt. Every political party wants to serve the country and they fight hard to get votes. .. . Really very hard. 

In India everyone has a political view, if someone say I’m not interested in politics, I don’t agree with that  person because that is or will be the same person who without a second thought  give his opinion (as we have freedom of speech)  on a national concern and say, “humari government ko aisa karna chahiye…” (our government should do this..) and may be he raise his voice on social media (a modern trade).

We have politicians who say, “please  vote me and make me your leader for next 5year and I’ll provide you education, electricity, full time water supply and safety of women and children etc.”  and when he wins the election. He come to give a Thank you speech last time and become a patient of Short term memory loss. (Politicians are Real life lead character of movie GHAJINI) When he enjoys his tenure ,the question pop up  what about the rest who  lost in elections.

The failure parties come together and  search a Mudda (a social issue) or we can say a social issue like rape, education, human trafficking and tradition. They search an issue to target winner party or politician. Have you ever seen cats and dogs fight on streets??  It’s the same fight . They claim this politician took bribe for this or that work. I feel the person who claims that does he regret for not taking bribe or this politician doesn’t give him his share…? As I think bribe is the national food for politicians. I’m talking about about social issue.  Yes, politicians use women, children and religion as a key that unlock a box of votes. After election, they don’t know the social issue even they never heard about this kind of problem.

Sometimes political leaders want to attract voters by some dirty strategies like distribution of wines, money and in the name of religion,caste that are not permitted by election commision. But who really cares about commision and laws…??  If you are politician, you learn how to crack a law first and all the cheat codes of politics. 

Indian law. .. Ohh i am fond of Indian law because If indian law bring someone  behind the bars , it can also help  to  rescue a person. Yes, if a person appoint a good lawyer for his case then there’s no lawyer who can convince judge to  sentence him/her for a crime he/she has done. Like one of the recent example of an indian celebrity who was indulge with serious case of murdering an animal but was not even accused and the credit goes to money,the power and contacts  he had .Only a  comman man suffers. If you are a politician, a well known and powerful, then there is no case, no police, no investigation and no law for you. Because a politician has a power to make fool the country they know well and know how to use serious issues and religion for election and to trap people. India is democratic only in sense of giving vote but after the election ends , winner declares  only the politicians rule and they follow them.
If the citizen of a country will be limited to caste and religion discrimination, male-female difference, they will be slaves of  politicians …where one vote’s value is 500 rs and value of a person is 0.27rs/day and for this much penny a person can vote politicians ,i don’t think so country would be counted as democratic.

For me,  it’s a Political country.  


12 thoughts on “India is a democratic country…. Really??? 

  1. You have mentioned a lot of issues. I agree with nearly all of them. However, after I got the opportunity to see the world outside India, I learned a lot of things. There is always something special about our country that make it different from others. Yes, as a nation we Indians are guilty of not questioning our ideology about the way we elect our leaders. This certainly needs to change. If that happens then the magic will be even more enjoyable!

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  2. You raise a good issue in our country during elections. India is a democratic country due to government is choose by a public and for a public. The dictator government which is not chosen by the people in many countries is worse effected on public as compare to democratic country. We are lucky that we are Indians which is a democratic country. I am proud to be Indian as a democratic country.

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      1. you are also right on this issue. There are many defects in a democracy in which some politicians misuse the power of democracy. If these defects were removed then democracy is the best for our country. You are a good writer and raises good issue mam

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