Turban – Pride of India 

In India turban known as pagri and saafa.

A turban is a symbol of honour and respect in North India, it indicate the Community and region of the wearer. It’s a headdress that’s worn by men in North India and needs to be manually tied as its a long unstiched cloth.

As it’s a marriage season in India we often see baratis (groom’s family) and ladki wale (family of bride) in pink or red saafa (turban).

Turban for groom

It’s said that turbans were first worn to protect the head from evil spirits.

The turbans of Rajasthan  are the most famous colourful and impressive in the whole India. It’s the important part of rajpoot dress known as Pagri and saafa. In Rajasthan, pagri indicate caste, religion and profession and what position he hold in the society. It’s  said a man without sporting his turban is not considered to be formally dressed.

Rajasthani turbans according to caste, religion and profession 

Pride of marwar – dot printed (bandhej turban) 

The significance of turban is different in Rajasthan. It is more of a tradition and culture more than religion. Turban originated in the Rajput families where it was a ritual for men to wear at any special occasion. Even children were also sported with colourful turbans.

The city of Jaipur boasts of a turban museum, which claims to have one of the largest collections of turbans.

Turban tying contests are held every year at Pushkar festival and other events organized by the state tourism department.
There is a complete book on Turbans of Rajasthan. 

The rest turbans according to their regions are – 

– the turban of mithai region in bihar worn by maithali people.

PHETA– the Marathi name for the traditional turban worn in Maharashtra, India. In the past, wearing a Pheta was considered a mandatory part of clothing.

MAWALI PAGRI – it’s traditionally worn by maratha warriors.

PETA – a turban worn in Mysore and Kodagu, worn by king. 

PESHAWARI PAGDI – Peshawari Pagri has been traditionally worn in Peshawar.

DASTAR – A turban worn by sikhs. A Sikh turban plays an important part of the unique Sikh identity. It is worn to cover the long, uncut hair (termed kesh) that is one of the five outward symbols ordered by Guru Gobind Singh . 

I hope you like this post and know the importance of pagri in India.

Come and Try this magnificent colourful turbans and feel like a king .It’s truly a pride of Rajasthan that show a colorful culture of Rajasthan. 


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