What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

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What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

It’s a very  simple question because every person knows the answer. “a hardworking, determine,  punctual, talented and successful person is an EXTRA ORDINARY person.”

It’s a  very tough for me to stand in this extra ordinary scale because I’m just opposite, I’m lazy and  not punctual. I am not talented according to my parents because I’m average in academics and not so good in sports and other activities. So if I’m not hardworking, punctual and talented, I’m definitely not a determined and successful one. I’m just an ordinary person. 

But I genuinely feel that there is a moment in your life….. Yes, it’s an ordinary moment that has a power to add a word EXTRA  in your personality or your whole life. It’s just an ordinary moment that change your life. And I think, “when that moment will come in your  life you don’t need talent, punctuality, determination or hardwork to hold that, you just need a COURAGE to do something that’s impossible to others. You just need a view to see the word IMPOSSIBLE  to I’M POSSIBLE. 

And the very moment become your life-changing extraordinary moment.  That’s the only moment when no one see how talented or punctual you are.  No one see how determined or successful you are. 


They only see your courage to make impossible thing to possible. 

Always remember 


Hand made crafts by India

Crafts made by hand called handicrafts and handicrafts made by India called Indian handicrafts. Indian people have been using hand made crafts for a long time. At early age, they made crafts to fulfill their needs but now these crafts become a part of Art and I think heritage is an appropriate word to use.

India is well known for it’s culture and colorful traditions & customs but it’s too famous for handicrafts. The craftmen made extra efforts to create a special and valuable product for kings and queens, specially for queens to please them and got reward for this. Now all these crafts we see in the museums. Now, time to time Indian government organise craft exhibitions and craft mela (fairs) where craftmen show their talent.

The famous north Indian crafts are paper mache products of Kashmir, East India is famous for its various Indian handicraft products including tribal art and crafts. Some of these states of India located at the top of east India known as seven sisters. Bamboo craft is famous in all over East India, the Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Manipur are known for this handicrafts.Three major and largest states located at west India, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. These states are also known for their different handicrafts products. Rajasthan is well known for its miniature paintings of India, furniture of Rajasthan, metal crafts, marble and other stone crafts, wooden decorative items, Rajasthani dresses, gems and stone jewelry of Rajasthan, lakh jewelry, puppets.

Gujarat state is the largest states of cotton production, so it is known for cotton products. Cotton home furnishing and decorated products. Hand embroidered cotton clothes and wall hangings of Gujarat are very famour. Quilts dari, bed sheets spread colours all over the world.
Maharashtra is also known for various handicrafts products, lether crafts specially kolhapuri chappals, hand made lether sandals, textile industry of maharashtra, and worli paintings.

South Indian crafts tanjor paintings, bnidri crafts, brass statue making techniques, leather lampshades, wooden toys, shell handicrafts and jewelry, coconut crafts, pearls jewelry from Andhra pradesh,  brass metal wares and statues techniques are totally different from the moradabad (a city of Uttarpradesh) brass molding techniques. Wood craft is very famous to decorate temples and homes. 




SUCCESS-It’s not just a word. It’s everyone’s desire. There’s no one who doesn’t want success. A seven letter word has a power to make you successful. Something like everyone wants to be like you.

You get only one chance to get success and that time you must have a courage to take this chance “a risk”. Without taking this risk you can’t get this desirable position where everyone adore you, admire you and accept you as an ideal.

“Life is a risk, if you have courage to take a risk

Then surely you get success & prosperity.”



Privacy – a freedom

Private life is the fundamental right of every person. Every person has a private part of his or her life that he or she doesn’t want to share with anyone.  For me, privacy is the right to be alone and keep your information private. Privacy give you a right to choose a person with whom you love to share your information.

Society, with lack of privacy is intolerable but with privacy wouldn’t be society at all. So the balance is needed, privacy gives a right to  create his or her own space, to make personal decisions or views and it’s the right that makes everyone free. 

Without privacy life is like a hell. You would be highly vulnerable to the control of others. There’s no freedom at all. You would be more likely to be manipulated.

Society for me, privacy is a freedom. A freedom of making decisions, having thoughts or views and most of all freedom of making yourself private.

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