How can an Internet sensation become a Threat 

​There are people who love to start their morning with checking Facebook notifications, Whatsapp messages, Instagram posts and what’s trending on Twitter. If you are one of them. . . Don’t worry we are one of the third fourth people of the world who spend their 70% time on Internet everyday. From a school student to the country’s first person can’t resist himself to be online once in a day. 

Internet has generated a cyber space that gives anyone an opportunity to explore their knowledge, their business or work. The amazing effects of downloading and uploading data faster than its previous generations make us to live a one click ahead life.  

Today we all are becoming a techno friendly online users who learn online, teach online, read online, shop online, watch online, play online and talk online except eating,  pooping or sleeping we do 80% work online. We have our own virtual life in this amazing virtual world.  These are some amazing effects of being online which is friendly and cool but every coin has an another side…. And this amazing world has too an another side that has some dark side effects. 

We all know that something that has gone out or has been viral on Internet once, can never be removed. It looks nice if it’s a public information but what if it’s a personal one…?? And isn’t it too dangerous if we don’t know who circulate this on Internet…??

Well, I am talking about the new Internet sensation – Sarahah an anonymous feedback message application which is designed by ZainAlbdin Tawfik, a Saudi man, with the motto to allow people send constructive message to one another. And because of its anonymous nature this application has already become popular and downloaded by more than 10 million users in less than two months of its launching date 13th July. 

The  phrase “give me a mask and I’ll tell you the truth.”  fits this application because it provide sender a mask of anonymity to the  recipient. Some teenagers are using this app to  reveal their honest funny and casual confessions……..

But bullies are also the part of our society and the anonymous nature of app encourage their bullying behavior. If you think I am giving you the idea of Cyber Bullying….. No, no.  There are some reports which claim that teenage bullies are using this app to post cruel and offensive comments, trolls and threats to other. Few parents are complaining about their children being bullied on Sarahah, if you see Google play store comments. 

Well , the  creator of Sarahah said Sarahah user ID will be revealed if requires. So beware if you are  misusing this platform. After this news may be many people will try to delete their ID on Sarahah… But don’t forget guys people who are not registered on Sarahah can too send a message anonymously . And if they send  offensive content, they will also face the casualties. 







These kind of applications which are created for fun sometime can be harmful if it is being misused. Remember the overuse of anything causes harm either its over eating or over using internet. Beware if you are over using this kind of apps , it can lead you towards the trap. And giving less information about yourself is the key of being protected.
If you get an offensive message that make you uneasy… Take a screen shot and complain against the sender of message,  Sarahah will reveal all the details of sender after which sender may face strict action against him or her.

Fragrances of Nature

Three days ago, when i visited the beautiful Amer palace. The scenes of fort and forested hill area with the fragrance of rain and soil was unforgettable for me.

During my visit, i was passing through the market area where my mind was attracted by a fragrance…..i felt  like the fragrance of thousand roses were mixed in the air of  the palace. I eagerly wanted to know where the fragrance came from…so i looked back  because i was standing in front of the last shop of the area and found a shop where two people opened the Jar  of rose Ittar (it’s an essential oil derived from botanical sources). There were 9 jars with different colors. Each jar locked with  a different fragrance in it.

I bought the red one which’s placed in empty jar.

Few months ago, i posted my status on Facebook,” The Fragrance of a flower and the Stench of marshy is as same as Human Nature…..never hide from anyone.”

They only spread their fragrance and stench in the air.



Fragrance of fresh air after rain and during the rain of soil. 

Amer Fort – the hill Fort of amer

Amer Fort is located on a forested hill area of Amer (i a small  town with an area of 4 kilometers), located about 11 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan state. The Amer is one of the tourist attractions in Jaipur for its artistic Hindu style. At its front, the palace overlooks Maota Lake which is the main source of water then.  Amer was a small place built by Meenas. The Amer Fort is originally believed to have been built by Raja Man Singh, a Kachwaha king of Amer, during 967 CE. The palace underwent improvement and addition by rulers over the next 150 years, until Kachwahas shifted their capital to Jaipur in 1727, during the time of Raja Sawai Jai Singh 2.


A narrow 4WD road leads up to the entrance gate of Fort which is known as Suraj Pol ( sun gate).

The palace is diveded into Four main sections  with its own entry gate and Courtyard. It consists of the Diwan-i-aam (Hall for public), Diwan-e-khas (Hall for private people), Sheesh Mahal (Mirror palace) and Sukh Niwas (residence of pleasure).

The entrance of first courtyard Jalebi Chawk

jalebi Chawk pictures before and after rain. 

The second Gate Ganesh Pol and Courtyard 

 The Ganesh gate was the entrance of the Raja’s private palaces. The gate was built by Mirza Raja Jai Singh. Above this gate is Suhag Mandir where ladies of royal family used to watch functions held in Diwan-i-aam through the latticed Windows

Lord Ganesh on top of the gate. 

This gate was made by sandle wood and the yellow work on the celling was done by Gold. 

The garden is known as Rani ka bagicha (queen’s garden) situated in middle of Diwan-i-aam and Diwan-e-khas. 

If you stand in front of the flower, the other person can see your reflection in both side square mirrors. Like this… 

This is the “magic flower” of Mirror Palace a flower with two hovering butterflies , the flower has seven unique designs including a fish tail, Lotus,  hooded cobra, elephant’s trunk, lion’s tail, cob of corn and scorpion. Each one is visible by a special way of partially hiding the panel with the help of hands. 

The way of roof top

The forth courtyard 

This is the place where ladies of royal family and mistresses lived, also known as Sukh Mahal. This courtyard has many living rooms which are open into a same corridor. It is said that king was visited this place by choice without knowing to which queen  he was visiting. 

The market and cafes in fort

The market is situated in the area where normal people who were not belong to royal family lived. 

This is the tank of water storage which is restricted to visit. 

The exit gate of palace where you see papet




A new post in response to the Twittering tale#36 – 27th june,  hosted by Kat Myrman 

My story is about a Hope of a father, word count – 140 characters

In the afternoon of summer when I work on a tower hanging with the help of  harness far above the ground i think i will go home and ask my son to construct the same tower for me.

“Local Trains” heart of Mumbai 

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Do you know why Mumbai is famous…??? Well, there are many reasons but I think it’s famous for three reasons 

1. It’s a Film City of India

2. Famous Street food Vada pav

3. Local trains 

Yes, local trains…. The Mumbai suburban railways is one of the busiest commuter train system in the world and  the oldest railway system in the Asia which is built by British Government, every day 7.593 million people ride by 2,342 trains (so crowded). On 16th April, 1853 at 15:35,  the first 14 coach train ran between Bori Bandar to Thane which took 1hour 25minute to complete 35 kilometer long journey with a one halt at Bhandup to refill the train’ water tank. Since 1991, it has been expended rapidly. 

Why local is a heart of Mumbai..??  (Many reasons) 

Mumbai railway station 

Mumbai local trains still run on electric transmitted through overhead wires. (the most outdated rail system in the world)

The Mumbai railway is the cheapest mode of transport in the city.  The rail network spread across 465 kilometers which is operated by Indian Railway’s two zonal divisions western railways and central railways (fast commuter rail corridors)

 and  the most expensive ticket costs 30 Rupees. (don’t you think it’s a money savor amount) 

 The efficient and world famous Mumbai Ka Dabbawala’s System of delivering food in Mumbai primarily relies on the Mumbai local trains.

Mumbains would go hungry without locals

For some reason(I don’t know), the first ladies coach near the motorman’s coach is called the Video Coach. (see image may be you get the reason) 
The place where unknown people know eachothers by their faces. 

The Mumbai locals are non stop-able. The engine of a local rest only for 3-4hours per day. Trains play a major role in economy of Mumbai and the lives of people.  If locals are stop for a day, it will effect both financially and personally to the riders.  So.. 

In a true sense, the “local train”  network is the heart of Mumbai. 

Puncture, Tyre and Bicycle- The best childhood story ever

Whenever we read the word “Puncture” the first and only thing comes in our mind is Tyre because Bicycles, Tyres and Punctures are best memories of our childhood. Bicycle is the first vehicle of every child  and the moment our parents give us our first two wheeler as a gift that gives the feeling as we are getting our own  car or  airplane. 


If I share you my experience i still remember it was like the evening when I got my first bicycle of Hero company I felt like i am the richest person among my friends just because…..I got a new bike and I had sleepless night because I was too excited to show my new bicycle to my school friends. Well, my bicycle gave me my best buddies, when  tyre used to get punctured the friend who walks with you to the cycle repair shop becomes your  good friend and the rest people who left you in that situation are not friends. To teach them a lesson, next day we, a good friend and I,  used to go to the school parking area and puncture their bicycle tyres.


To puncture neighbor’s car tyre and putting pins on road ways were fun in childhood and give the moments to remember today and smile.The moment of bliss.

We all had this kind of fun and the word puncture  always  remind me those sweet bonding , teamwork and fun of my childhood. 

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