My winter love….. 

Well,  Winter is officially upon us and I love that season because I like to cover myself with a blanket in frizzed mornings. I refuse to shift one place to another without a cup of tea. On weekends when I leave my home to meet my friends or anywhere I find myself skipping down to the nearest cafe to have a hot drink to keep me warm.

You know every cup makes memories. Like a good fragrance, it fatches distant memories from my heart…. Indeed, memories are always in your heart not in your mind.A cup of ginger – basel tea makes my day. It reminds me my exam days, no, nights…. Yes, the group study. I have fond memories of giggles with my friends over cups of tea that intended to keep us awake in chilled nights so we could study… But lead to distract into chats.

One day we decided to have a view of “Jalmahal” in January morning at 5am and planned how to go.We were all set. With an excitement we all woke up at 5am and carried everything we needed like our phones, bags, glares and camera to take a photo and keys of bike. And then we accelerated from our locality  to jalmahal with bikes and had A cup of coffee from a street vendor for the best view of jalmahal at 6am.
Click this photo last year January 11th,2016. 

Do you know what’s a cup of tea for me? All that kind of madness, baseless chats ,laughs , emotions which create best stories to be remember… this combo of feelings create MY CUP OF TEA.

Every single sip of tea with samosa stands for all the comfort and memories of winter perhaps a little escape from reality! Which is much needed at some point of life ..and during this writeup i am taking my favorite beverage ,yes TEA ..Cheers!!!!

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