What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

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What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

It’s a very  simple question because every person knows the answer. “a hardworking, determine,  punctual, talented and successful person is an EXTRA ORDINARY person.”

It’s a  very tough for me to stand in this extra ordinary scale because I’m just opposite, I’m lazy and  not punctual. I am not talented according to my parents because I’m average in academics and not so good in sports and other activities. So if I’m not hardworking, punctual and talented, I’m definitely not a determined and successful one. I’m just an ordinary person. 

But I genuinely feel that there is a moment in your life….. Yes, it’s an ordinary moment that has a power to add a word EXTRA  in your personality or your whole life. It’s just an ordinary moment that change your life. And I think, “when that moment will come in your  life you don’t need talent, punctuality, determination or hardwork to hold that, you just need a COURAGE to do something that’s impossible to others. You just need a view to see the word IMPOSSIBLE  to I’M POSSIBLE. 

And the very moment become your life-changing extraordinary moment.  That’s the only moment when no one see how talented or punctual you are.  No one see how determined or successful you are. 


They only see your courage to make impossible thing to possible. 

Always remember 


Symptoms of Indian middle class family 

In our society, not only in India.I’m talking about the whole world where people exist, we are divided family  according to our bank balance as there are three kinds of family exist in the world.

1.Upper class family 

2.Middle class family 

3.Poor class family

Upper class family no doubt they are rich by money.

Poor class familythey don’t have money, they survive on Umaaah y of government and rich people. 

Middle class family  – it’s my topic of the day. They are so confused family  on the earth because they are surviving in between rich and poor people. They are confuse because they really don’t know where they exist. If you are thinking what kind of confusion they have….. Because they have home to live, bread to eat and enough money to survive,I’m telling you this isn’t a satisfying answer. There are two subtypes of middle class family 

1.Upper middle class family                             2.Lower middle class family 

And I still don’t know who invented these two subtypes ?? (confused)

Well, it’s a very thin line between upper middle class family and lower middle class family. If family A has a car (ford) and family B has a car (maruti Suzuki), family than A belongs to upper middle class and family B belongs to lower middle class. (a stupid logic for the subtypes
Here I’m sharing with you some symptoms of INDIAN middle class family hope you all will agree with me.
1. If a middle class family (father, mother and child) is going for a dinner in a restaurant. First they all wear special clothes which the usually wear in functions and they pretend to be gentle if the child smiles or put his finger in his mouth ,his father scolds him and order to behave good (and the kid thinks “they have never said this at home ever”) They order meal after scanning the menu and Dal Fry is must ordered item.

2. A middle class person is a calm person because he knows how to survive in his low salary. Every month he becomes rich and poor at the same time. When he gets his salary cheque, he feels like Ambani and when he realizes the expenses, he feel like,”we are very MIDDLE CLASS. ” Middle class people know how to bargain? How to buy expensive things on lowest price. BECAUSE THAT TIME THEY KNOW


3.If a person is confused like where he stand on the middle class scale, there are a couple of hints. For example, if his parents still think that the entire world, be it the maid, the driver or the president of  billion dollar bank, is ought to personally scum you, then you’re basically living in Waggle ki duniya.

4. For Every middle class, poor people are criminals specially maids  and rich people are  alcoholics, party animal and  businessmen as they have seen  the same in movies. 
5. The middle class family think more to invest money rather than spending on branded items shopping and entertainment. The wish to earn more on low investment . They try to make money by hook or by crook . They wish to earn more on low investment


*Daughter wants to go out in shorts*

Have some dress sense . Wear clothes properly. We are middle-class only.”
*Parents find out that their kids drink*

“Don’t drink, we are middle class PEOPLE .”

“study well, we are middle class people “
*Going to attend a family wedding*


But it’s time to stop this madness. If your family has migrated completely from bars of soap to shower gels, than you’re not middle-class anymore. You cannot play the middle class card ,the day you’re free from using a DOVE soap. This is progress. Embrace it. Hold it tight and never let it go. Protect it. AND BE HAPPY.
Hope you enjoy this post.


Conquer your inner voice 

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Have you heard about this quote, “You are your own enemy.” I always find this right.  Infact my saying is “your inner voice is your enemy”. Don’t you agree with me. . ..??? 


Well, it’s very hard to digest this truth. Our mind always works opposite what our heart wants to do and sometimes we do such things that they both don’t want to do. I’ll love to share an inserting  situation that happen in everyone’s life. 

When you start study  a month ago  your exams, your heart and mind give you a  green signal  for study like ” if you don’t start study now, you can’t score  for first division” and you sit down and check your syllabus to know from which chapter you should start  then you open your book and start reading the chapter with concentration. Suddenly your inner voice whispers in your ears, “the chapter is so easy let’s skip to the tough one.” You search and find syllabus is easy.I will complete it in 10 days, lets have fun 20 days more, apparently mind give this thought NOC ) and you close your book and enjoy your 20days in watching movies, listen songs and do chatting. Unfortunately you can’t understand 5days have been passed and only 5 days left. 

After 25days your friend ask you,bro u must be doing revision” and you say, “no yaar , i have just picked the book now

Your friend ,”I am scared yaar, only 5 days left”

Then your mind realize it’s too late to complete syllabus let’s go and check important topics. You do the same your heart beat like drum  and think how to complete it and for 2-4 hours you study with concentration  again your inner voice whispers the topic is too boring let’s take a nap or lets study with music. 

Before a day of exam you feel like lets happen whatever happen will face it. At night your mind says, “Man ! You don’t know anything you are like an empty glass, just fill it ” your heart is beating faster compared to last 29days and you can’t take full rest. Next day you see the question paper and think you have not studied it even you have never seen it in your life and you give worst performance  ever  but inner voice suggest ” do not tell any one, all is well we will give best in next paper and then the result appears. When you see your result your inner voice whispers paper was tough ,don’t blame yourself , better luck next time.
It’s not always  good to listen your inner voice, it has the power to lead you or mislead you. Sometime it is bad to listen your inner voice. Its not neccessary that your inner voice is right.

It can be your best friend if you control it otherwise its your biggest enemy.

Conquer your inner voice before it conquer you and become critical inner voice. 

Are you waiting for Luck…??

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We generally believe that  luck is the key factor to get success as we have a great faith in luck. We’re not born with this faith but we’re brought up with this faith. 

If I talk  about myself when I was child I had heard many times from my mother that, “she is born with silver spoon.”  I asked my mom with curiosity ,”With which spoon i was born? ”  and she laughed and said, “it means she has a good destiny as God is showering good luck upon her.” then I thought if you have a big house and a car then you’re lucky.

After few years, our neighbour met with an accident and lost his family and his right arm , I found the other side of luck. My mother told me, “Poor boy….how bad his luck was.” that was the time I get to know the existance of luck that it has  two sides Good one and Bad one.
And that was the only time I got confused with this luck factor because I wasn’t able to understand what kind of luck I have got…Because neither I have a car and big house which indicates  good luck nor I have met with an accident..So in this case I didn’t get luck. I was 11 year old that time. So with my confusion I went to my grandfather sat beside him and asked him, “Do you have luck…?”

He replied, “Yes.”  I asked, “Then why don’t I have?

He said, “who told you that you don’t have. Your luck is in your hand.” 

I showed him my hand and said, “see, there’s nothing in my hands. .. My hands are empty.”
He replied, “I mean whatever you do with your hands that work will decide your luck…Like  if you’re not prepared for exam then you can’t expect first rank in your class because of your luck factor because luck only serves you what you really deserve.

And that’s the thing I really believe. I don’t believe good luck or bad luck, I only believe in hardwork that has the power to change your Luck.

I think “Luck is an opportunity and you get this opportunity if you really deserve it. You can’t play the blame-game with your luck if you don’t know how to take this opportunity. 

Are you waiting for Luck?

Then I tell you it’s so far… You need to run fast and  grab your luck in your hands.

Rhythmic gymnast 

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In general we easily relate the word rhythm to music but When I read today’s word “rhythmic”… My mind directly connected this word to the rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy  Gundlaplly. I read about her in “The Hindu”… May be 2 years ago. That time I knew the  connection of dance and gymnastic.  I always  consider gymnastic is a sport where participant show their flexibility movements and the one who’s more flexibile compared to others is a winner. 

Rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy Gundlaplly. 

Rhythmic gymnastics grew out of the ideas of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), François Delsarte (1811–1871), and Rudolf Bode (1881–1970), who all believed in movement expression, where one used dance to express oneself and exercise various body parts. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), apparatus handling, and execution. The choreography must cover the entire floor and contain a balance of jumps, leaps, pivots, balances (a certain number is required depending on the gymnast’s level) and flexibility movements. Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

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When life become blur

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When we are not able to see things clearly, we go to the eye-specialist and say, “I am having blur vision.”  after checkup he give us spectacle and we see things clearly again. But what if our life become blur..?? 

There’s no doctor or counseller or specialist who give us  glasses to make life clear again. 

Every person has an aim in his/her  life but the ways to achieve  aim are different. Sometimes we choose simple and easy way and sometimes we choose hard and difficult path… But choice is always our. Some time we choose wrong path… and somehow it turn into disaster and make life blurred (confused state of mind). We want to reach our aim but the wrong selection of path pull us back. 

There’s a time… When moments of life become so hectic and we see our life blur. We can’t decide what to do?? how to do?? .That time you have to stay calm and must not give up. That’s the time we need to FOCUS….focus on present to change the future. 



Because that’s the only moment of your life that gives you a chance to make an eyeglass which can make  the rest life happy and successful

When we click a picture without focus it becomes blur and we delete it but We can’t delete blur future, we can’t delete our past choices… But we can focus on present to change future.


Always remember, when life gets blurry adjust your focus.

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