Weekly photo challenge: Dense

#aweeklyphotochallange #dense Dense forest DENSE RAINFOREST  DENSE ANIMAL Dense leaves Dense wood Dense send  DENSE ART


What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

#thedailyprompt #ordinary What makes a person extra-ordinary...??  It's a very  simple question because every person knows the answer. "a hardworking, determine,  punctual, talented and successful person is an EXTRA ORDINARY person." It's a  very tough for me to stand in this extra ordinary scale because I'm just opposite, I'm lazy and  not punctual. I am not …

Criticize  –  a natural habit

Write this post to response today's daily one word challenge "criticize". <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/criticize/">Criticize</a> We all have some good and bad habits but some habits are natural. Criticizing people is a natural habit no one teaches us how to criticize or how to judge anyone that's something we learn from ourselves. We love to judge others …