Can’t to can

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Everyone has a bad phase in  life and that’s the time  when the person gives up all the hopes. He decides he can not  do anything. Sometimes he blames and shouts on others for whatever happens in his life but somewhere, inside, he wants to come out from this  situation. 
That’s the time,  he start searching for a hope that helps him to do something. He finds the obstacles of path as a road-block while obstacles don’t block the path, it’s the path and when everything dies, hopes lay down to the reality.  Finally, he see the light of hope that come from inside not from outside where he was searching all the time when he revisit his previous triumphs.  And the hope is to compete with obstacles, that’s the hope of “whatever happens I can do this“. And this journey of can’t to can is the real triumph of life. 

I can try is always better than I can’t because the difference between TRY and TRIUMP is just a four letter word “UMPH.” 

Does time never change for girls….?

India , a devotee country where people worship goddess Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kaali. We Indians celebrate Navratri and worship 9 goddesses for 9 days of Navratra. In Indian mythological books I always found a woman as a strong character. She has strength, passion, anger, Grace and love. Many artists have said that women are the most beautiful creation of God

In a famous Sanskrit shlok “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते , रमन्ते तत्र देवता “ (yatr naryastu pujyante, tatr devta ramnte) means gods live at the same place where women get respect or treated respectfully.


This is what our ancestors had taught us respect women” but when I see the history of India i found the reality is different. When I was in 10th standard teacher gave us  the topic Dowry and said to write 300 words and I was like “what should i write…??  Who ask for dowry in present era??? ” then I copied the eassy from key/guide book (sanjeev passbook famous guide book). That was the time I felt dowry cases have been old, today the Laws are so much powerful even some women misuse these kind of laws as i used to hear and read these kind of news.  dowry2

But the last Saturday incident that happened in Bengaluru opened up  my eyes. I remember my mother usually say

In early age,  women were uneducated because of some boundations and limitations of their family.  Women were not dependent upon herself  financially,  and that’s the only reason she could not take decision of leaving her husband however his behavior was. They used to tolerate whatever happening in their life. But nowadays girls are not like that , today’s women are BOLD and BRAVE. She know her rights, she is educated and financially independent. ”

and  I’m too agree with her views.But her maternal grandma used to say, “The time for women will not change ever if the mindset of people does not change“.   I was like “its not like that , the time will change”…….. but today I felt that really time never change for woman… She was always a victim. When a girl child take birth  people show happiness from outside but internally they  find her as burden…. Her family feels she is a burden. They brought  up her  with the high class values like girls can’t do this and that, a girl can’t speak louder, girl can’t wear this or that and etc . And when she get married to someone who loves to torture her mentally and physically people tell her a woman can only become a homemaker, obey  your husband & your in-laws and live with him no matter how he or they behave with you…… No matter how harsh they I. . ….. .   No matter how worst your husband  is with you……. No matter how much they torture you mentally or physically…. . Live with your husband  , now his house is yours , if you leave your husbands home, society blame you for this but they don’t understand a girl goes in a palanquin not in a Bier . This is what we teach our girls.

And when someone ask for dowry after marriage, girls parents fulfill their wishes.  main-qimg-39f6ea231ccf6b8e861450a75a7db052

I don’t know why parents  feel disreputed  if a girl come back to home after marriage.. ..???  

why they get ready to give money to the people who assault her…..??

why they think that dowry will save their image if they ready to give the demanded amount. ….??  

Are we living in a stone age?? Or our thinking is still narrow. . .?? 

The reason why I wrote this post is the dowry murder case of Bhavya handa which i read in The News Minute .
“A 26 year old girl Bhavya, working in a Bengaluru based company, married with a boy in November 2016. She had met this boy in her office, they were together for 4 years before marriage. After marriage, the boy and his family demanded dowry, they tortured her mentally and physically. She died on Saturday after a fall from her balcony. Her neighbors and building security guard heard her last scream and a thud sound .”


The decision of marriage with a boy, with whom she wanted to spend her life, proved  wrong. She was educated and financially independent, then why this happened with her….?? 

Was her life too cheap so that she had to face this tragic death?

Are our moral values this much high that a girl need to be victim unwillingly?

Will our society give away “best spouse” award to her for spending life with her husband?


Is it truth that the time never change if the mindset does not change?

Will such time come when people actually respect girls ?

Will such time come when people will  give the actual rights of equality?

Hope to see this one day. 



Rajasthan Diwas – witness the electrifying festival

Jaipur celebrating RAJASTHAN DIWAS . “Rajasthan” ,  a land of warriers, celebrates its DAY every year on 30th March as  Rajasthan DIWAS(day) in the memory of it’s formation on 30th March, 1949. Rajasthan is the largest state of India  and undoubtedly one of the most vibrant states. It is the only state to witness the amalgamation of Royalty, Heritage and Modernization at the same time.


Every year,  ‘Rajasthan Diwas’ is celebrated throughout the state with great effort to reveal and witness the honor of the heritage, cultures and traditions of Rajasthan. People of the state get together on this joyous occasion and celebrate their pride to be a Rajasthani to show the state’s glorifying history  by performing several activities.


The beautiful Pink city and the capital  Jaipur is decorated with glittering lights and vibrant colors followed by a planned set of functions. The government of the state plans a colorful event every year on the occasion of Rajasthan DIWAS.  Its not like celebrating a day only its like a festival as the celebration continue a week long.The 4 day event was commenced on 27th March with the opening ceremony at the famous Albert Hall.



A Camel Tattoo event had been organized to honor the ship of the desert and the state animal ‘Camel’. The event continues till 30th March 2017 (Today)  with various cultural events planned for each day. The second day of the event began with the bhajans at the eminent and the pious Laxmi Narayan Mandir situated at the Birla Mandir. Afterwards in the daytime adventure sports festival was organized which have proposed activities like Hot Air Ballooning, Para Motoring, Rock Climbing, Aero modeling, ATV rides, Horse Riding, land Sailing etc. These adventurous activities have been scheduled at the SMS Investment Ground.


Apart from this, ‘Akashganga’ a sky diving show by IAF and then a BSF Camel Show had been organized later in the evening. The festival organise  Children Film Festival at the Inox Crystal Palm Multiplex and International Festival of Short Films on Culture. people come from the various places to watch the event . The ambiance of the festival gives goosebumps to each and every spectator.



Rajasthan is known for its culture and the history and if you want to witness the history in few days you must visit during Rajasthan Utsav.


What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

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What makes a person extra-ordinary…?? 

It’s a very  simple question because every person knows the answer. “a hardworking, determine,  punctual, talented and successful person is an EXTRA ORDINARY person.”

It’s a  very tough for me to stand in this extra ordinary scale because I’m just opposite, I’m lazy and  not punctual. I am not talented according to my parents because I’m average in academics and not so good in sports and other activities. So if I’m not hardworking, punctual and talented, I’m definitely not a determined and successful one. I’m just an ordinary person. 

But I genuinely feel that there is a moment in your life….. Yes, it’s an ordinary moment that has a power to add a word EXTRA  in your personality or your whole life. It’s just an ordinary moment that change your life. And I think, “when that moment will come in your  life you don’t need talent, punctuality, determination or hardwork to hold that, you just need a COURAGE to do something that’s impossible to others. You just need a view to see the word IMPOSSIBLE  to I’M POSSIBLE. 

And the very moment become your life-changing extraordinary moment.  That’s the only moment when no one see how talented or punctual you are.  No one see how determined or successful you are. 


They only see your courage to make impossible thing to possible. 

Always remember 


Symptoms of Indian middle class family 

In our society, not only in India.I’m talking about the whole world where people exist, we are divided family  according to our bank balance as there are three kinds of family exist in the world.

1.Upper class family 

2.Middle class family 

3.Poor class family

Upper class family no doubt they are rich by money.

Poor class familythey don’t have money, they survive on Umaaah y of government and rich people. 

Middle class family  – it’s my topic of the day. They are so confused family  on the earth because they are surviving in between rich and poor people. They are confuse because they really don’t know where they exist. If you are thinking what kind of confusion they have….. Because they have home to live, bread to eat and enough money to survive,I’m telling you this isn’t a satisfying answer. There are two subtypes of middle class family 

1.Upper middle class family                             2.Lower middle class family 

And I still don’t know who invented these two subtypes ?? (confused)

Well, it’s a very thin line between upper middle class family and lower middle class family. If family A has a car (ford) and family B has a car (maruti Suzuki), family than A belongs to upper middle class and family B belongs to lower middle class. (a stupid logic for the subtypes
Here I’m sharing with you some symptoms of INDIAN middle class family hope you all will agree with me.
1. If a middle class family (father, mother and child) is going for a dinner in a restaurant. First they all wear special clothes which the usually wear in functions and they pretend to be gentle if the child smiles or put his finger in his mouth ,his father scolds him and order to behave good (and the kid thinks “they have never said this at home ever”) They order meal after scanning the menu and Dal Fry is must ordered item.

2. A middle class person is a calm person because he knows how to survive in his low salary. Every month he becomes rich and poor at the same time. When he gets his salary cheque, he feels like Ambani and when he realizes the expenses, he feel like,”we are very MIDDLE CLASS. ” Middle class people know how to bargain? How to buy expensive things on lowest price. BECAUSE THAT TIME THEY KNOW


3.If a person is confused like where he stand on the middle class scale, there are a couple of hints. For example, if his parents still think that the entire world, be it the maid, the driver or the president of  billion dollar bank, is ought to personally scum you, then you’re basically living in Waggle ki duniya.

4. For Every middle class, poor people are criminals specially maids  and rich people are  alcoholics, party animal and  businessmen as they have seen  the same in movies. 
5. The middle class family think more to invest money rather than spending on branded items shopping and entertainment. The wish to earn more on low investment . They try to make money by hook or by crook . They wish to earn more on low investment


*Daughter wants to go out in shorts*

Have some dress sense . Wear clothes properly. We are middle-class only.”
*Parents find out that their kids drink*

“Don’t drink, we are middle class PEOPLE .”

“study well, we are middle class people “
*Going to attend a family wedding*


But it’s time to stop this madness. If your family has migrated completely from bars of soap to shower gels, than you’re not middle-class anymore. You cannot play the middle class card ,the day you’re free from using a DOVE soap. This is progress. Embrace it. Hold it tight and never let it go. Protect it. AND BE HAPPY.
Hope you enjoy this post.


Green jaipur 

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Green, the color of life & nature, is the color between blue and yellow on the spectrum of visible light. 

Green color indicates the growth, freshness, harmony, environment, safety and fertility. Green color in our national flag India. 

Sharing some beautiful pictures of jaipur. Hope you like it. 

Amer fort

Nahargarh fort

Nahargarh biological park

#greenjaipur it’s easy being green