How can an Internet sensation become a Threat 

​There are people who love to start their morning with checking Facebook notifications, Whatsapp messages, Instagram posts and what’s trending on Twitter. If you are one of them. . . Don’t worry we are one of the third fourth people of the world who spend their 70% time on Internet everyday. From a school student to the country’s first person can’t resist himself to be online once in a day. 

Internet has generated a cyber space that gives anyone an opportunity to explore their knowledge, their business or work. The amazing effects of downloading and uploading data faster than its previous generations make us to live a one click ahead life.  

Today we all are becoming a techno friendly online users who learn online, teach online, read online, shop online, watch online, play online and talk online except eating,  pooping or sleeping we do 80% work online. We have our own virtual life in this amazing virtual world.  These are some amazing effects of being online which is friendly and cool but every coin has an another side…. And this amazing world has too an another side that has some dark side effects. 

We all know that something that has gone out or has been viral on Internet once, can never be removed. It looks nice if it’s a public information but what if it’s a personal one…?? And isn’t it too dangerous if we don’t know who circulate this on Internet…??

Well, I am talking about the new Internet sensation – Sarahah an anonymous feedback message application which is designed by ZainAlbdin Tawfik, a Saudi man, with the motto to allow people send constructive message to one another. And because of its anonymous nature this application has already become popular and downloaded by more than 10 million users in less than two months of its launching date 13th July. 

The  phrase “give me a mask and I’ll tell you the truth.”  fits this application because it provide sender a mask of anonymity to the  recipient. Some teenagers are using this app to  reveal their honest funny and casual confessions……..

But bullies are also the part of our society and the anonymous nature of app encourage their bullying behavior. If you think I am giving you the idea of Cyber Bullying….. No, no.  There are some reports which claim that teenage bullies are using this app to post cruel and offensive comments, trolls and threats to other. Few parents are complaining about their children being bullied on Sarahah, if you see Google play store comments. 

Well , the  creator of Sarahah said Sarahah user ID will be revealed if requires. So beware if you are  misusing this platform. After this news may be many people will try to delete their ID on Sarahah… But don’t forget guys people who are not registered on Sarahah can too send a message anonymously . And if they send  offensive content, they will also face the casualties. 







These kind of applications which are created for fun sometime can be harmful if it is being misused. Remember the overuse of anything causes harm either its over eating or over using internet. Beware if you are over using this kind of apps , it can lead you towards the trap. And giving less information about yourself is the key of being protected.
If you get an offensive message that make you uneasy… Take a screen shot and complain against the sender of message,  Sarahah will reveal all the details of sender after which sender may face strict action against him or her.

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