Fragrances of Nature

Three days ago, when i visited the beautiful Amer palace. The scenes of fort and forested hill area with the fragrance of rain and soil was unforgettable for me.

During my visit, i was passing through the market area where my mind was attracted by a fragrance…..i felt  like the fragrance of thousand roses were mixed in the air of  the palace. I eagerly wanted to know where the fragrance came from…so i looked back  because i was standing in front of the last shop of the area and found a shop where two people opened the Jar  of rose Ittar (it’s an essential oil derived from botanical sources). There were 9 jars with different colors. Each jar locked with  a different fragrance in it.

I bought the red one which’s placed in empty jar.

Few months ago, i posted my status on Facebook,” The Fragrance of a flower and the Stench of marshy is as same as Human Nature…..never hide from anyone.”

They only spread their fragrance and stench in the air.



Fragrance of fresh air after rain and during the rain of soil. 

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