Can’t to can

#triumph #thedailypost 

Everyone has a bad phase in  life and that’s the time  when the person gives up all the hopes. He decides he can not  do anything. Sometimes he blames and shouts on others for whatever happens in his life but somewhere, inside, he wants to come out from this  situation. 
That’s the time,  he start searching for a hope that helps him to do something. He finds the obstacles of path as a road-block while obstacles don’t block the path, it’s the path and when everything dies, hopes lay down to the reality.  Finally, he see the light of hope that come from inside not from outside where he was searching all the time when he revisit his previous triumphs.  And the hope is to compete with obstacles, that’s the hope of “whatever happens I can do this“. And this journey of can’t to can is the real triumph of life. 

I can try is always better than I can’t because the difference between TRY and TRIUMP is just a four letter word “UMPH.” 

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