Does time never change for girls….?

India , a devotee country where people worship goddess Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kaali. We Indians celebrate Navratri and worship 9 goddesses for 9 days of Navratra. In Indian mythological books I always found a woman as a strong character. She has strength, passion, anger, Grace and love. Many artists have said that women are the most beautiful creation of God

In a famous Sanskrit shlok “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते , रमन्ते तत्र देवता “ (yatr naryastu pujyante, tatr devta ramnte) means gods live at the same place where women get respect or treated respectfully.


This is what our ancestors had taught us respect women” but when I see the history of India i found the reality is different. When I was in 10th standard teacher gave us  the topic Dowry and said to write 300 words and I was like “what should i write…??  Who ask for dowry in present era??? ” then I copied the eassy from key/guide book (sanjeev passbook famous guide book). That was the time I felt dowry cases have been old, today the Laws are so much powerful even some women misuse these kind of laws as i used to hear and read these kind of news.  dowry2

But the last Saturday incident that happened in Bengaluru opened up  my eyes. I remember my mother usually say

In early age,  women were uneducated because of some boundations and limitations of their family.  Women were not dependent upon herself  financially,  and that’s the only reason she could not take decision of leaving her husband however his behavior was. They used to tolerate whatever happening in their life. But nowadays girls are not like that , today’s women are BOLD and BRAVE. She know her rights, she is educated and financially independent. ”

and  I’m too agree with her views.But her maternal grandma used to say, “The time for women will not change ever if the mindset of people does not change“.   I was like “its not like that , the time will change”…….. but today I felt that really time never change for woman… She was always a victim. When a girl child take birth  people show happiness from outside but internally they  find her as burden…. Her family feels she is a burden. They brought  up her  with the high class values like girls can’t do this and that, a girl can’t speak louder, girl can’t wear this or that and etc . And when she get married to someone who loves to torture her mentally and physically people tell her a woman can only become a homemaker, obey  your husband & your in-laws and live with him no matter how he or they behave with you…… No matter how harsh they I. . ….. .   No matter how worst your husband  is with you……. No matter how much they torture you mentally or physically…. . Live with your husband  , now his house is yours , if you leave your husbands home, society blame you for this but they don’t understand a girl goes in a palanquin not in a Bier . This is what we teach our girls.

And when someone ask for dowry after marriage, girls parents fulfill their wishes.  main-qimg-39f6ea231ccf6b8e861450a75a7db052

I don’t know why parents  feel disreputed  if a girl come back to home after marriage.. ..???  

why they get ready to give money to the people who assault her…..??

why they think that dowry will save their image if they ready to give the demanded amount. ….??  

Are we living in a stone age?? Or our thinking is still narrow. . .?? 

The reason why I wrote this post is the dowry murder case of Bhavya handa which i read in The News Minute .
“A 26 year old girl Bhavya, working in a Bengaluru based company, married with a boy in November 2016. She had met this boy in her office, they were together for 4 years before marriage. After marriage, the boy and his family demanded dowry, they tortured her mentally and physically. She died on Saturday after a fall from her balcony. Her neighbors and building security guard heard her last scream and a thud sound .”


The decision of marriage with a boy, with whom she wanted to spend her life, proved  wrong. She was educated and financially independent, then why this happened with her….?? 

Was her life too cheap so that she had to face this tragic death?

Are our moral values this much high that a girl need to be victim unwillingly?

Will our society give away “best spouse” award to her for spending life with her husband?


Is it truth that the time never change if the mindset does not change?

Will such time come when people actually respect girls ?

Will such time come when people will  give the actual rights of equality?

Hope to see this one day. 



11 thoughts on “Does time never change for girls….?

  1. I wish i could say things are changing. But i really doubt. I feel it is us who have to change. Rather than wanting someone to change. The Indian society will not let woman to come out. We have to get it.

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      1. The whole purpose of the written word is to create awareness and influence people’s mindsets. I believe this article is a step in the right direction. I agree with your post but I disagree with your comment here


  2. It’s true, time doesn’t change if the mindset doesn’t change. A couple try where so many Goddesses are worshipped it’s really strange to see how people still fail to maintain dignity. Like you’ve said, things can change only if the core mindset changes, we can do our bit by spreading awareness and hope that the mentality changes.

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  3. My teacher handed us an essay about dowry system and it said ‘dowry is a stigma to society’ and I asked her ‘since when ma’am?’ All of this has embedded in us that it looks like a norm.
    Nice piece though!


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