Symptoms of Indian middle class family 

In our society, not only in India.I’m talking about the whole world where people exist, we are divided family  according to our bank balance as there are three kinds of family exist in the world.

1.Upper class family 

2.Middle class family 

3.Poor class family

Upper class family no doubt they are rich by money.

Poor class familythey don’t have money, they survive on Umaaah y of government and rich people. 

Middle class family  – it’s my topic of the day. They are so confused family  on the earth because they are surviving in between rich and poor people. They are confuse because they really don’t know where they exist. If you are thinking what kind of confusion they have….. Because they have home to live, bread to eat and enough money to survive,I’m telling you this isn’t a satisfying answer. There are two subtypes of middle class family 

1.Upper middle class family                             2.Lower middle class family 

And I still don’t know who invented these two subtypes ?? (confused)

Well, it’s a very thin line between upper middle class family and lower middle class family. If family A has a car (ford) and family B has a car (maruti Suzuki), family than A belongs to upper middle class and family B belongs to lower middle class. (a stupid logic for the subtypes
Here I’m sharing with you some symptoms of INDIAN middle class family hope you all will agree with me.
1. If a middle class family (father, mother and child) is going for a dinner in a restaurant. First they all wear special clothes which the usually wear in functions and they pretend to be gentle if the child smiles or put his finger in his mouth ,his father scolds him and order to behave good (and the kid thinks “they have never said this at home ever”) They order meal after scanning the menu and Dal Fry is must ordered item.

2. A middle class person is a calm person because he knows how to survive in his low salary. Every month he becomes rich and poor at the same time. When he gets his salary cheque, he feels like Ambani and when he realizes the expenses, he feel like,”we are very MIDDLE CLASS. ” Middle class people know how to bargain? How to buy expensive things on lowest price. BECAUSE THAT TIME THEY KNOW


3.If a person is confused like where he stand on the middle class scale, there are a couple of hints. For example, if his parents still think that the entire world, be it the maid, the driver or the president of  billion dollar bank, is ought to personally scum you, then you’re basically living in Waggle ki duniya.

4. For Every middle class, poor people are criminals specially maids  and rich people are  alcoholics, party animal and  businessmen as they have seen  the same in movies. 
5. The middle class family think more to invest money rather than spending on branded items shopping and entertainment. The wish to earn more on low investment . They try to make money by hook or by crook . They wish to earn more on low investment


*Daughter wants to go out in shorts*

Have some dress sense . Wear clothes properly. We are middle-class only.”
*Parents find out that their kids drink*

“Don’t drink, we are middle class PEOPLE .”

“study well, we are middle class people “
*Going to attend a family wedding*


But it’s time to stop this madness. If your family has migrated completely from bars of soap to shower gels, than you’re not middle-class anymore. You cannot play the middle class card ,the day you’re free from using a DOVE soap. This is progress. Embrace it. Hold it tight and never let it go. Protect it. AND BE HAPPY.
Hope you enjoy this post.


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