Conquer your inner voice 

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Have you heard about this quote, “You are your own enemy.” I always find this right.  Infact my saying is “your inner voice is your enemy”. Don’t you agree with me. . ..??? 


Well, it’s very hard to digest this truth. Our mind always works opposite what our heart wants to do and sometimes we do such things that they both don’t want to do. I’ll love to share an inserting  situation that happen in everyone’s life. 

When you start study  a month ago  your exams, your heart and mind give you a  green signal  for study like ” if you don’t start study now, you can’t score  for first division” and you sit down and check your syllabus to know from which chapter you should start  then you open your book and start reading the chapter with concentration. Suddenly your inner voice whispers in your ears, “the chapter is so easy let’s skip to the tough one.” You search and find syllabus is easy.I will complete it in 10 days, lets have fun 20 days more, apparently mind give this thought NOC ) and you close your book and enjoy your 20days in watching movies, listen songs and do chatting. Unfortunately you can’t understand 5days have been passed and only 5 days left. 

After 25days your friend ask you,bro u must be doing revision” and you say, “no yaar , i have just picked the book now

Your friend ,”I am scared yaar, only 5 days left”

Then your mind realize it’s too late to complete syllabus let’s go and check important topics. You do the same your heart beat like drum  and think how to complete it and for 2-4 hours you study with concentration  again your inner voice whispers the topic is too boring let’s take a nap or lets study with music. 

Before a day of exam you feel like lets happen whatever happen will face it. At night your mind says, “Man ! You don’t know anything you are like an empty glass, just fill it ” your heart is beating faster compared to last 29days and you can’t take full rest. Next day you see the question paper and think you have not studied it even you have never seen it in your life and you give worst performance  ever  but inner voice suggest ” do not tell any one, all is well we will give best in next paper and then the result appears. When you see your result your inner voice whispers paper was tough ,don’t blame yourself , better luck next time.
It’s not always  good to listen your inner voice, it has the power to lead you or mislead you. Sometime it is bad to listen your inner voice. Its not neccessary that your inner voice is right.

It can be your best friend if you control it otherwise its your biggest enemy.

Conquer your inner voice before it conquer you and become critical inner voice. 


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