Are you waiting for Luck…??

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We generally believe that  luck is the key factor to get success as we have a great faith in luck. We’re not born with this faith but we’re brought up with this faith. 

If I talk  about myself when I was child I had heard many times from my mother that, “she is born with silver spoon.”  I asked my mom with curiosity ,”With which spoon i was born? ”  and she laughed and said, “it means she has a good destiny as God is showering good luck upon her.” then I thought if you have a big house and a car then you’re lucky.

After few years, our neighbour met with an accident and lost his family and his right arm , I found the other side of luck. My mother told me, “Poor boy….how bad his luck was.” that was the time I get to know the existance of luck that it has  two sides Good one and Bad one.
And that was the only time I got confused with this luck factor because I wasn’t able to understand what kind of luck I have got…Because neither I have a car and big house which indicates  good luck nor I have met with an accident..So in this case I didn’t get luck. I was 11 year old that time. So with my confusion I went to my grandfather sat beside him and asked him, “Do you have luck…?”

He replied, “Yes.”  I asked, “Then why don’t I have?

He said, “who told you that you don’t have. Your luck is in your hand.” 

I showed him my hand and said, “see, there’s nothing in my hands. .. My hands are empty.”
He replied, “I mean whatever you do with your hands that work will decide your luck…Like  if you’re not prepared for exam then you can’t expect first rank in your class because of your luck factor because luck only serves you what you really deserve.

And that’s the thing I really believe. I don’t believe good luck or bad luck, I only believe in hardwork that has the power to change your Luck.

I think “Luck is an opportunity and you get this opportunity if you really deserve it. You can’t play the blame-game with your luck if you don’t know how to take this opportunity. 

Are you waiting for Luck?

Then I tell you it’s so far… You need to run fast and  grab your luck in your hands.


10 thoughts on “Are you waiting for Luck…??

  1. Nice one! Luck is something I still dont understand! But I believe that it’s something that’s beyond our control. However it’s really unfortunate that many people around us live their lives only testing their luck and not their talents!

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