A Meeting with a GHOST

Ghost – a word which makes every one scared. I don’t believe in ghosts but my friend’s story proved me wrong. I started believing in few things . Without much i adieu i would like to share his story in his own words.

“I used to up down daily from Ajmer to Kishangarh (cities located in Rajasthan). I used to ride from my place to bus station which is 9 km away and then i had to take bus from there.  In the very first month during night i noticed one thing , whenever  i  reach a particular place, my bike used to break down at that place and the area was surrounded by  forest and two three temple were there . For first 2-3 days i thought its just a coincident . But it was happening daily and coincidence never happen daily . From outside i was like “I am brave, nothing will happen  to me” but from inside i was frightened like hell . I shared this incident with my aunt and cousin and they told me “There is a ghost in that area” . I was like “We are living in new era and we know there is no ghost and jinn exist , how can it be possible? “  But i was wrong there was a ghost in that area.  This i realized the next day when the the incident repeated again. i came home and  asked them what to do now . They suggested me to go and worship the God Hanuman and offer a coconut to the God . I did the same . Two to three days all went well, nothing happened to me but at 4th day again my bike broke down, suddenly i heard  some one crying and  i started shivering  i started chanting “JAI HANUMAN” and reading Hanuman Chalisa loudly . That time i recalled each and every member of my family .I was very much afraid from inside and outside.  But suddenly one person came out of  the near by house and i got to know that the person is mentally disturbed and he was crying. I calmed down , took a deep breath and  felt good. 

The next day it was Sunday  i thought  ‘Let’s clean and wash the motor cycle , its been so many days’ . When i was cleaning i realized there is a hole in bike’s  petrol tank.I understood the whole matter , the reason of my bike’s break down was the hole not any ghost. I went to service center and  repaired my bike. After servicing my bike never broke down. And this was my story”

I busted into laughter (just imagine his situation) . I had no idea how to control my laugh . He seriously  proved me wrong . I was wrong that ghosts does not exist , they exist but in your imagination.Its all about psychology. I believe in miracles but not ghost or evil spirit but now I believe that they exist in our mind. If you think someone is following you or someone is behind you  than definitely you will get frighten because its your natural. But if we connect this situation with spirit, it’s our psychology.  Suppose previous night you watched a paranormal movie , the next day , whole day you may be not  about the story while working , eating, sleeping but the story and scenes has been stored in your subconscious mind. And You compare and created a false belief  when you are alone and find the same situation that happen with you. 


I personally think if ghosts exist, please give them their space because you can’t see or listen them. They are really happy in their world so don’t think about them because  Its better to think about the real things rather than creating false beliefs and facts.

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