Helpless creature ass 

In India, If we have a choice to declare our national animal there’s no doubt we all will vote for donkey cause we have some solid reasons.

, We find a great similarity between an ass and a normal man. Ass – a polite animal, if you pull its ears and climb up on its back for a ride, it won’t resist you. But if you complain about its dutty shots,definitely  you put its nose in will.

Second and the most important thing donkey isn’t an idler… 
Once you give a job donkey will work until you stop. If you compare a horse with  an ass,you will find “A horse shows hundred tantrums like a celebrity… You must give massage and feed the horse but an ass is satisfy to eat wheat and gram peel.” So down to earth.

Common man of India eat the same meal daily and satisfy his stomach with a glass of water because politicians and government’s  corrupt officers eat all delicious dishes.

Donkey has much politeness and passion that’s why it never opposed whenever someone cracked a joke on it and compared it with the weakest or useless or most stupid person alive on earth. Like a son is an ass according to his Indian father.

Recently in Uttar Pradesh, the election has become a Word War of politicians….and I think every Indian enjoying their leader’s language knowledge. Sometime I feel it’s just an election why they are making it word war??… Where Prime Minister Narendra Modi  to Chief Minister and Central Minister to State minister play their role very effectively.  They are using these  kind of words which we  have never heard before by our late politicians whom they call their idols… Initially they used to call each other Shahjaade(PRINCE), Pappu, Phenku and Bhua – Bhatija(AUNT-NEPHEW)   and now they calling each other GADHA(ass) and Aatankwadi (terrorist) type informal words. That time I realized how low educated our leaders are.

Earlier politicians used to criticize and target  each other’s work  but nowadays they try to calumniate personally.

In the pre-election speech of every leader, they made UP state speechless.

They don’t want to talk about development of state, about electricity problems , lack of water supply and poor education system kind of  topics in their speech .Inspite of talking about the solution they only raise  a mudda    ” Casteism”, a sensitive topic and using this to win the seats in election of  UP.

Where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi  differentiate spark burned with his “kabristhan – shamshan ghat” comment, he said, ” If there is a kabristan (graveyard) in a village than it must have a shamshan ghat (cremation ground) too. If there is electricity during Ramzan, it must be there on Diwali as well; if there is electricity during Holi, it must be  on Eid too.“. On the other hand , Chief Minister of state UP Akhilesh Yadav said, “Amitabh Bachchan should not promote donkeys of Gujarat.”  Indirectly, he used the word donkey for PM and compared him with terrorist.

On one hand  they appeal young generation to vote for them and  the  other hand they are raising the topic of casteism to gain vote counts .

 I don’t know whether  the poor donkey is happy with this comparison or not but donkey will definitely be happy to not born as a politician in India. I don’t know we are stupid or  a donkey .

Will we really give vote to these leaders who are asking votes in the name of religion and caste discrimination?
Will we give vote to these leaders who are playing the dirty politics game??
If you think a donkey is fool , are the people of UP wise who supposed to give votes to these politician??

I think donkey must be laughing by seeing all this and thinking  there are bigger donkeys in this world who are born human but acting like donkey.





5 thoughts on “Helpless creature ass 

  1. Nice one. Politics is all about this, a successful politician is rarely a 100% clean personality. But the fact is that they behave like enemies infront of the common man but they are all really good friends in the backstage.
    No matter what a leader says, he always knows that a certain section will still vote for him, “the vote bank”…So they do pretend to be donkeys but are very cunning (which the real donkeys aren’t)

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