Rhythmic gymnast 

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In general we easily relate the word rhythm to music but When I read today’s word “rhythmic”… My mind directly connected this word to the rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy  Gundlaplly. I read about her in “The Hindu”… May be 2 years ago. That time I knew the  connection of dance and gymnastic.  I always  consider gymnastic is a sport where participant show their flexibility movements and the one who’s more flexibile compared to others is a winner. 

Rhythmic gymnast Meghana Reddy Gundlaplly. 

Rhythmic gymnastics grew out of the ideas of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), François Delsarte (1811–1871), and Rudolf Bode (1881–1970), who all believed in movement expression, where one used dance to express oneself and exercise various body parts. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), apparatus handling, and execution. The choreography must cover the entire floor and contain a balance of jumps, leaps, pivots, balances (a certain number is required depending on the gymnast’s level) and flexibility movements. Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

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