When life become blur

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When we are not able to see things clearly, we go to the eye-specialist and say, “I am having blur vision.”  after checkup he give us spectacle and we see things clearly again. But what if our life become blur..?? 

There’s no doctor or counseller or specialist who give us  glasses to make life clear again. 

Every person has an aim in his/her  life but the ways to achieve  aim are different. Sometimes we choose simple and easy way and sometimes we choose hard and difficult path… But choice is always our. Some time we choose wrong path… and somehow it turn into disaster and make life blurred (confused state of mind). We want to reach our aim but the wrong selection of path pull us back. 

There’s a time… When moments of life become so hectic and we see our life blur. We can’t decide what to do?? how to do?? .That time you have to stay calm and must not give up. That’s the time we need to FOCUS….focus on present to change the future. 



Because that’s the only moment of your life that gives you a chance to make an eyeglass which can make  the rest life happy and successful

When we click a picture without focus it becomes blur and we delete it but We can’t delete blur future, we can’t delete our past choices… But we can focus on present to change future.


Always remember, when life gets blurry adjust your focus.

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