The power of peer pressure 

​We take many decisions in our life… Some decisions are right for us or some are for others. Some decisions are totally ourselves… But many major decisions we take in influenced state of mind. Some in influence of parents or friends or loved ones….i see these influenced decisions as a  peer pressure, a slow poison that kills you slowly from inside. Peer pressure can be good or bad. 

In india, you are first influenced by your parents. When you’re a kid…. A 4year old kid, you deny to eat meal then your mother says, “see that boy/girl… she too eat this, how good she is. Jaldi jaldi kha le (come on eat it)” and you did the same. After few years, you go to your father and request him to buy a remote car for you. Your father ask, “why….?”  you reply, “your friend chintu has the same car.”  then your father angrily says, “if he jumps in well… Will you do the same??..go and study”  that time he wants you to not copy chintu and generate a confusion in your mind. That’s the bloody peer pressure. 
When you go to school chintu become your best friend but he is not good in studies, your parent suggest you to stay away  from chintu … And class k sabse hosiyaar bache se dosti kro (be friend with the topper of class). As an obedient kid you follow their advice. After few years…chintu who failed in 12th standard , is a owner of 4 apparel showroom and you are the one who works in a company and earn 5% of chintu’s monthly income. Then your parents scold you, “see chintu… Kha tha, kesa tha or kha pahuch gya h wo….or ek tu.(see chintu how successful he is now and you…you are doing nothing compare to him)” this is not a comparison… This is a peer pressure, you never make decision by your choice but the result is your. 

In college time, you make friends…. You’re a teenager. You learn a confusion “if everybody do the same, it’s right”. Your friends give you a cigarette or a glass of  beer first you say, “No“.  Then you see every friend pressurised you to do for only once. .. . And you do it because others do the same. 

Our parents  unknowingly make others achievement as benchmark for us. I use unknowingly... Because I feel that so. And seeing others as ideal become our habit…. I correct myself here….Because ideal isn’t the appropriate word. Hope you understand by this example. You are working in  multinational company (MNC) and get 15 lac rupees package per year, you’re totally satisfied with your achievement and your career growth then you meet with your college friends after 7-8years and you find that your two friends having 50-60lac rupees package per year. From the next day, the whole achievement and satisfaction become a safocation, you can’t sleep and the very next day you upload your resume at, times jobs, and search companies. You’re not jealous from your friends but you make them a benchmark and generate a self-invented peer pressure. If he has this why don’t I have? 

That’s the peer pressure of early success because it’s said that a successful life is a happy life. I don’t know who said that but my mother told me that when I was 6year old. If a person open a company at the age of 24 doesn’t mean he’s successful, he may bankcurpt at the age of 32.   Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70. Don’t envy them or mock them, it’s their ‘Time Zone.’ You are in yours!”  when obama, Modi, trump are not in peer pressure then why you’re….?? 

if your child is not good at studies that doesn’t mean he will become nothing. I don’t know why we make life a race and find success in rupees. Everyone is unique and every person has a right to decide what to do. Don’t take decisions in peer pressure because it’s an initial stage of depression and ofcourse suicide

When you say yes to others make sure you’re not saying No to yourself. 

Peer pressure can be good if someone influence you to do right things like join sport team, volunteering, studying, community service and be friending someone. 

Only surround yourself with those people who will lift you higher. Don’t compromise, you’re all you have. 

Work by your choice. Your colleagues, friends, younger ones might seem to go ahead of you. May be some might seem behind you. Everyone is in this world running their own race on their own lane in their own choice. God has a different plan for everybody.  Success is different for everyone. 

Compete with you, not others. Don’t see your success in other’s life because every successful life isn’t happy life but each happy life is a successful life.

Resist peer pressure. It’s easy to stand with crowd but it’s difficult to stand alone. 

Make your own decision and resist peer influence. It’s a cool thing. 


11 thoughts on “The power of peer pressure 

  1. A thought provoking article Monika.Peer pressure at all stages a child has to face, leaves him throughly confused. Most of the times he is doing what his parents/ teachers or friends want him to do. In the bargain neither he nor his parents are happy. Hopefully parents will understand that each child is unique and allow him to blossom at his own pace.

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  2. A very important question raised! Like said in the movie, 3 idiots, we are so busy running in life, we often forget to notice the mistakes. Like you said, all we have is us! That’s just the ultimate truth. And the mention about the time frame, succes has no time! Very well explained, specially the example.
    Parents see their children as opportunities to improve on what they missed in life, which is a good intention but the problem is that at times they get too carried away, and this good intention gets transformed into a “dictating term” in life.
    Amazingly written! 👌👍

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  3. That is so true… I being a teenager, I am always affected by my peers. I am blessed to have understanding parents who don’t always compare me.

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