Century at WordPress 

​I started my blog at WordPress on  3rd January, 2017.  That was  the time, I was like what’s blogging?  just to write anything .simple!! I will write easily but when I started it ,on the first day I felt it’s a little tough. It looks easy but it’s not in real. I wrote my first post and got good response. 

In January, I got a notificaton from WordPress that I achieved my 50+ followers I was happy and then I created my facebook page as “Monika Sharma -blogger” on 26th January and twitter account25th January.

I wrote 29 posts and fortunate to got 500+ likes and 100+followers. 

Today I’m so happy…. You can say I’m on cloud nine because I got my CENTURY at WordPress. Blogging is not easy as it looks. It’s a challenge or a chance to express your feelings in words and it’s too hard for others to understand your feelings. 

 I’m too thankful to all my 101 followers at WordPress and 108 followers at facebook page. Book is useless if there’s no reader and my blog is useless if i don’t have followers.  

This moment is one of the  precious moment of my life and  I am  writing this post to Thank my 101 precious followers. Special thanks to Kiwinana (Elsie hagley)   who first commented on my post “my winter love” and jothish joseph who always share his precious views in comments.

Thanks to all of you. Without you it was not easy ..Cheers to all of you .


25 thoughts on “Century at WordPress 

  1. I’m really happy for you Monika. Congratulations and I hope this journey just gets better over the years to come. I do think know what to say for being mentioned. Remember that we become good readers only if the narrator is impressive. So if I found a mention in your words, you deserve equal credit.
    As long as you continue to be the you, I’ll always be there to appreciate your talent.
    One last thing, 100 followers now! “Struggling blogger?” needs to be erased!..(hope you understood what I meant)

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