A generation of Fools 

Humans… The wisest creature of the world. Ohh… The third wisest creature… How can I forget about dolphines. So we are wise in manner of thinking process – a creative and an innovative thinkers. Humans have an ability to identify inner feelings and relate them to those of other beings, as well as a greater ability to relate past, present and future and thus lead to the development of ‘anticipation’ and ‘choice’. That’s why we are the ruling species of the universe.

Human invented fire, vehicles, electricity, sattelite, phones, atombomb, missile and many more. Now we are running in 21st century. We have technology because we want it and all these achievements are proof that we are wise. Really, we are wise. . . . No… The generation was wise who invented technology for us. 

But we are fool… Really a very big fool.  They invented technology to save human lives but we use technology to ruin. We are wise because we compare ourself with animals. But in  this modern era… Are we really wise?  I love to share an incident with you all…

“It’s 1 am and we all were sleeping. Suddenly the street dogs started  barking and the rat-tat of  maingate disturbed me, I came out of my room and asked my mom what happened..?  I saw a dog get stucked in the grills of gate and other dogs were helping it ,they didn’t leave his friend till people didn’t come and rescue his friend.”

In morning I read newspaper , I saw a picture of a teenage boy who was left to die in market. A well crowded market, he met with an accident and lost his leg. He wasn’t able to stand but the boy was in his senses, he plea people to take him to the hospital, he cried and appealed. But you know what… No body dared to save him. Everyone gathered around him and saw him till the angles arrived  and took away his life but nobody showed  humanity. I think we have become worst than animals. We could’ve  saved  this boy. You know what the crowd did? when he asked them to take him hospital, they clicked his pictures and shoot a video. 

I really don’t understand why people love to click picture of accident instead of helping victim.  Are we become senseless or inhuman..?? nowadays, there’s this trend kind of thing going on between friends that who got how many views/likes/comments, to achieve that virtual goals generally many target the injured victims. if they post some accident then  the viewers will gives likes and type amen or god save him/her or may god help them which in turn gives the poster  number of likes and comments. Humans are getting attached with the virtual stuff and are least bothered what is going around them. As they are so engrossed into their virtual life that they are ignoring the humanity. 
The increment of technology and lack of communication create a doubt. Yes, a doubt… If someone going to help other, the victim instead of saying thank you is  asking why are you helping? what do you want in return? The trust factor has been lost, if someone helps any victim out of humanity then they trap around  police and court cases as either witness or for guilty. In the fear of getting trapped in such cases people generally tend to ignore and walk ahead.

The best part is we know that we are loosing humanity in real world but we aren’t doing anything to save it. How can we see a person dead infront of our eyes..?? How can we use our phone to shoot a video or click pictures only for a like instead of call or help ..??  How can anyone loose his/her life to take a amazing selfie…..?? 




Life is not about like, share and comment, it’s beyond of that. It’s all about humanity.


The fact is that technology isn’t helping in  Communication, it’s the reason of lack of communication.

Now I understand why people raise voice on social networking sites… we don’t want to look up because we’re addicted. They dedicated their lives to smartphones, unfortunately made by humans. 

We are ruling on earth because of humanity but how can we let down our precious ability just for the virtual addiction.
We can’t deny the fact” we are the generation of fools …??” because we are doing anything for become famous on facebook, twitter etc. But we don’t know how to use a smartphone when we need. We are become fool by our own technology. (a harsh truth. .. Sad) 

Smart making fool out of people and thats the reason i think this generation is full of some fools because we don’t use our brain at this kind of situation.E




Always remember,



17 thoughts on “A generation of Fools 

  1. Unfortunately it is true Monika.I have read about many such incidents. And the idea of shooting or taking a picture of the accident and posting it online is repulsive. Guess animals have more brotherhood than we humans, who belong to the so called ” intelligentsia” class.

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  2. Thought provoking post, Monika! It’s true that unfortunate events like accidents are now used as a medium to gain cheap popularity on social media. Despite being the most advanced creatures on Earth, we are guilty of being ignorant and selfish.

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      1. Agree with you…. But how can we say that they used more capacity of brain? There’s some spiritual power…. If you read the biography of swami vivekanand and his guru paramhansh ji, you find there is something different.

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  3. Perhaps knowledge is the root of all evil. Capable of saving and yet something in our human nature chooses the opposite. Individually, however, we still have the choice. That’s the power we still have.

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