Who’s the Victim….??? 

We always talk about gender inequility, women impowerment, education and safety of women. No one deny the fact ” India is well known for the increasing crime against women“. There are many laws like Indian Panel Code (IPC-498A,375,509,294,354), created for safety of women  which have helped in reducing discrimination and violence against women to a large extent. But do you ever think when a girl or woman wants to file a report in police station why does she face problems ?  May be there is a problem in our system. But I think there’s a huge problem in some girls/women.

As I already wrote in my one of ths post Mind Your Own Business that I’m not a feminist.  I really believe women are always at advantage as we have supporters, laws and most of all  we have strength to make or ruin something . Have you ever seen a reserved seat for men in bus…? No, but we have. From bus to assembly we have reserved seats. I’m not writing this post because I suddenly feel men need to raise their voices for reserved seats… No…. I am writing this post because I felt really bad for those girls or women who were victim  and felt the embarrassment when they went to the police station to file a report and in court sessions. And the reason of embarrassment is fake reports. Some women have taken these laws as an advantage situation to file false cases against men. Some women mostly misuse these laws to gain instant recognition (Media Attention), to take revenge and for money. Implication against men go on unnoticed and seriously ruin a man’s career and even in  some cases it has also taken away the life of many men. There  are many instances in which Indian courts have said that laws meant to protect women are being misused by women.  I consider this act as a legel terrorism against man by a woman. 

Women, who misuse law, become a hurdle to other women who Are victim in real. Some women are the biggest enemy to the rest suffering women. Because of these women, the real victim face embarrassment, mental pressure and baseless questionaire. And if I talk about men who are accused of these fake reports, they also feel the embarrassment and their families suffer too.

When a women accuses her spouse / immediate relatives of abuse it’s a very strong step she take. Since it’s a non bailable offence, guilty or not, the accused will go to jail until trial. But there are plenty of cases where the women blackmail the spouse/in-laws by threatening to file such  case and because of this fake cases real victim faces some annoying questions. 
Nowadays, every woman wants economic stability as she doesn’t want to be dependent on any one. If she is working in a company and has a great boss, a gentleman who is coperative but after few months, she may  accuse her boss for harassment, definitely everyone will believe on girl and feel like how evil the boss is. I use the word accused. A simple accusation can mar your image in the industry let alone your company (that is if you are still continued to be employed there after such an incident). It goes with the male employees too. This “threat” increase as they climb up to higher positions in their company.

Because of the cases filed by some women the rest feel ashamed and people see them doubtfully. I agree in some cases the actual victim female get justice .But its not acceptable if a female use the inequality , women empowerement and laws as a tool.Remember the rules were created for the safety not to misuse.I feel ashamed for the females who misuse it.
Here i don’t want to highlight any case cause its my opinion in general not for any particular case. As  every man can’t be accused , alike all women are not victim.

If we talk about equality than it must be followed in every situation . The rights for man and woman must be equal.The man has the same respect as a woman.

A victim can be anyone a man or a woman. 


28 thoughts on “Who’s the Victim….??? 

    1. I really don’t think we need to create a law as we have enough. We just need to change the mentality of girls who misused the law and use it as a tool to threaten her husband and in-laws, your boss or someone else. You know if a girl file a fake case of harassment, you can see the articles on newspaper, tweets and candle March, NGOs come to support her but when police find her guilty for fake case only a news come out and people say how cheap this girl is and forget. But there’s no tweet, no articles and no March for the accused boy. I think that’s the only reason why people and police don’t believe on victim for the first time. I hope you agree with me joanna

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      1. It’s complicated. If the accusation is proven to be false, then there should be some compensation. It’s good that you bring this up, because a lot of people don’t think about it.

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  1. Good to read this type of write-ups which genuinely talk about the equality. But on the other hand i am sadden with the fact that this kind of eye opening articles does not get much hype and get lost in the black hole of the article world or people do not show their interest to share it . I have shared it with world but how many people will be like me who actually think that their is a need to share it.May be its the biggest question and we don’t have answer of it??

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  2. Monika, yes unfortunately there are a few women who misuse the law. The moment a case is reported, fingers always point at the man. Though in most cases , it is he who is at fault, at times women too take advantage of it. Not all men are bad and not all women are good.!

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  3. So true! It is rather unfortunate to see how a protective right is misused as a weapon to take revenge and black mail others. Particularly in India, the reason I would put as an explanation would be that the laws are made in such a manner that there are no necessary loops in it. The politicians are so shrewd that they take it as an opportunity to build vote banks. So basically, everyone wants more power and not safety. Even the harrassment cases are more of a business and “headline grabber.” Media makes money politicians gain fame but the victim is still a victim.
    Very well written Monika. If the leaders of a nation have mentalities like yours, the nation will definitely be safe and not breeding grounds of criminals.

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  4. Great article… infact I have done a whole research on the said topic and it’s very true that men can too be victims of violence too but no one wants to talk about it. Not only in India but around the world violence against men is very common ….”Mard ko dard nahi hota” and “boys don’t cry’ stereotypes have for long prevented men from opening up…real Women empower will happen when we women not only stand for women n girls but also for men n boyz…When we will stand for justice and equality we will truly be empowered.

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  5. Nice read regarding that there are always two sides of stories,& sometimes law could be gruesome for innocents.
    Similarly we had written about, Why it is important to have a content calendar for every social media you use as brand & every medium is different from others is explained in this new blog we had written about social media marketing. Thanks , would love to have feedback on it.

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  6. It’s good to see such an article and moreover its too good when this comes from a mind of a girl….Definitely there are flaps of every coin…..And yeah some or the other measure should be taken for this…and to be honest compensation means nothing against a person that once was subjected to trials and all!!


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