Marriages in modern India 

As I wrote in my last article, it is the wedding season in India. I  love to share my view over marriage. The pattern of marriage has changed now. I think modernisation is the right word to use or we can say a western mindset that the youth doesn’t believe in marriage. The reason of hike in divorce rate.  Marriage is always consider as a part of Indian culture but the changing hue of Indian weddings are considerable and the divorce rate in last following years is remarkable. Let’s check what kind of marriage gives us a guarantee of perfect marriage. 

If I talk about types of marriage in modern India ,there are three types 

Arranged marriage –  In this marriage your families want you to get married because they did and everyone who attend your marriage shares his or her experience. In India, historically, most marriages  have been arranged marriages. In this marriage, bride and groom’s family (parents, guardian and even extended families) decide on the match based on a number of socio-economic criteria rather than the couple choosing their own partner but nowadays families give them a right to choose. I think arrange marriage is good if you think about your secure future. If you  fight with your partner, you can easily blame others. But if I  practically consider it,i find. If you say ‘I don’t feel anything for him/her’, family members might respond saying ‘Love will grow in time’ or ‘take time and understand each other’. This marriage is just a family union. 

Love marriage -Love marriage is a gift from Bollywood. If you talking about love marriage before three decades its a rare case as love marriage isn’t consider a good thing but now you see love blossems everywhere in our country.  I personally consider this marriage as a risky one as divorces are very high in this marriage. We easily see everywhere  a love couple sometimes I feel like it’s flood of lovers everywhere – in malls, parks, cafe. But they break up easily in next two – three months or years may be. But if they’re in relation – a strong and passionate relationship they’ll get married. But there are  two sub types of love marriages –  first, easy love marriage,when parents and lovers both are happy with marriage and second, ‘let’s run’ marriage, parents are against there love and they decide to run and get wed in court or temple. Problems in this marriage are honour killing, you have a full responsibility of your choice (as you can’t blame anyone). But divorce rate are is higher in this marriage compare to arrange. 

Live in relationships – With the growth of education, disposable income, and women’s liberalisation, the youth of the country have gone beyond love marriages and are now taking to live-in relationships and cohabitation without the stigma that these relationships brought a few years ago. I consider this is a part time marriage or like a trial version where love exist and friends play the role of family in settlement of issues but no term & condition exist. It’s like if all is well  then  will continue otherwise move on. No need of marriage and 0% divorce rate. But if you want to know break up rate, its upto you.

There is no perfect formula to make a marriage work. Both arranged and love marriages have their own strengths and faults. It’s depend on compatiblity and understanding of two people. So before marriage. … Prepare yourself to be married and choose a right partner. Don’t see her or his personality or background, just see what he or she is. And I think this is the only formula of perfect marriage. To Love and marry or marry and love decision is all yours. 

12 thoughts on “Marriages in modern India 

  1. Classification of marriages very well written and the best classification is the subtypes in love marriages. Wow! Then that bold statement about love marriages that it was a gift from Bollywood, I just admire that statement. It’s just so true!

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    1. Actually I didn’t say “arrange marriage is best”. In Love marriage you know your partner and expectations are high but in arrange marriage you don’t know your partner well and expectations are low, may be this is the reason why divorce rate is low in arrange marriage. But if you don’t want to live with your partner no matter it’s a love or arrange marriage, you definitely part your ways.

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      1. In arranged marriage the parents including whole family and community supports but in love marriage the life is difficult without parent support. The youth prefer arrange marriage compare with love marriage

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