Choice of life 

Life is not same always, it changes with the situation by the time. Your life is the result of your choices and I  believe choices are always yours to make things better or worse. If you don’t like your life, may be its time to make better choices. We always blame the situation isn’t right otherwise I can do this but really… Is it right to blame situation??

Why don’t we think about how this situation came?  Every morning we have two choice, continue to sleep or WAKE Up. Choice is our to listen ourself or others, to live a life as a king or as thrull. Choice is always yours, no one make a choice for you. It’s your right.

I strongly believe that choices create a situation. When your choice become your decision it generate a situation… A situation may be against you or may be in your favour. We blame that choices aren’t right at that particular moment or situation but we never think about our last decision or choice that made a worst situation. 
There are situations in life where we feel regret to opt one particular choice and that’s the very emotional moment of life. I think that’s the only moment when you have a chance to make an another choice, may be this will change the complete situation or may be life. 

There are three C’s in life- Choice, Chance, Change. When you have a Chance to make a Choice then it has a power to Change your life. As I discover there are two types of primary choices in life, first  accept the situation and second, accept the responsibility to change it. Choice is always yours.

May  be a choice make the world against you but then its only your next choice that decide to leave your first choice or turn around and lead the world.

So, make a right choice at right time and have a desired life.Life is not hard but our decisions make it hard. Always remember.

   Life is all about choices. 

8 thoughts on “Choice of life 

  1. Really well thought out! My favourite part was the C’s! Never knew this secret about life. Choice is certainly the most important C. It’s so true that when we wake up in the morning there are only two choices! Have a nice day!

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