Lost in finding precious moment…. Do we have it..? 

As I consider myself a struggling blogger (I  thought of this when I created a twitter account and they asked about me ). I’m not an expert at blogging and i am doing it from pasy three week and I know one thing – Life is a journey. A Journey that contains beautiful, happy, sad and sometimes very difficult moments which we try to  describe in words and that journey turns into post.

Nowdays, we love speed, if you think I’m talking about internet speed 4G… No… I’m talking about the speed of being impatient. I don’t think we really enjoy the moment we have. We all are in hurry.. But what kind of hurry is it..?   We want things to be done faster than the speed of life and cause of that we don’t wait for next day  because we want it now. We don’t want to feel the excitement of taking acceptance letter from college or a promotion in office. We just hope that there is something Bigger and Better than this…Just a step ahead.

May be we are so busy or may be we have become emotionless or senseless. Today,  I don’t find anyone happy with their progress. They want more… As they feel their lives are ordinary and they just want to make it  extra ordinary. But How…?.?(a big question)  They really don’t know(a very simple answer). Everyone thinks the perfect formula of living an extra-ordinary life is just to become rich and famous. And this extra ordinary thought they pass to the next generation. I want to correct myself this thought is too old as I already heard it many times “Parents” and teachers too give me an example of some extra ordinary lives. 

I have some chemical reactions in my mind against this assumption. I think life is here, now in this moment, may be you don’t agree with me but just think about it once you are counting your last breaths  and ofcourse you’re rich and famous… You close your eyes and think about your best moments and find your moments like it’s a magazine and you’re on it’s cover page.The next moment is  you are taking best businessman of the year award. Your quality  moments with your lofe partner (if you really love her) or your parents (if they really matters) otherwise it’s just on searching mode as you don’t have one that give your precious THE LAST SMILE. 
So don’t you make any memory in life…?  I can’t say no… You had one or two but you live a long life with so many days don’t you think its less. With an extra-ordinary life you must have so many moments… But you don’t have any extra-ordinary moment. (a harsh reality) 

Then what’s wrong in your extra-ordinary life. .?? 

See, we all are running in a race… An endless race and completely forget the truth “ordinary things makes an extra ordinary life“. I don’t say, “don’t see dreams and never dare to achieve it“. Do it… It’s your right. But make your precious moment , a moment that gives you smile, a moment that gives you peace – an inner peace.

A life without  precious moments, is just like  a saltless meal and I think no one wants to eat that kind of food. 

So make your life precious with precious ordinary things. If you want to live extra ordinary life ..add some EXTRA ordinary moments .Life is not a race . Remember if you run faster you miss the beautiful sights.

Hope you like thought. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Lost in finding precious moment…. Do we have it..? 

  1. Monika(assuming that we are nearly the same age), the best part about your blog is that you are always willing to learn and be better. And from the topics you choose I assume that these are the thoughts that pass through your mind randomly and you express them through your blog. That is the character of a person who wants to make life a learning experience. Coming to the post, this is something my parents have always kept on telling me, don’t just run behind success and money, establish your life with precious memories because the world values money but hearts remember only a man’s good deeds. And yes, blogging is a blogger’s journey put into words!

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