Traditional Indian Women 

India has a diversity in cultures, religions and traditions ofcourse. We see many different caste and their different rituals. But i always find a connection between traditions and women, I consider an Indian  women are complementary of tradition or vice versa. If you think about an Indian women, you draw an image of a girl wearing saari, gold jewellery and jasmin flowers in hair. This is all you think about an Indian women but I consider her something more than this.

I feel Indian traditional woman is a multitasker and multitalented, the one who knows the real values of tradition and she’s the only one who passes these values  to the next generation like genes. Just think for a moment, if your grandmother and mother or aunties never teach you how to pray, would you ever learn it? Or if they never tell you about why we celebrate Diwali, Dasshera, EID or Christmas, would you ever celebrate it?  Or if these wonderful women don’t make delicious food on every occasion, would you ever get to know the taste of occasional festive dishes like gujhia, til papdi etc and the feel..?  I think no. A very big no is your answer.
A traditional woman know how to care and love. Indian Traditional woman is a symbol of love, strength, devotion, sacrifice. You never underestimate her as she knows her power. You know

It’s said that Jewellery ,a traditional Indian woman ornaments are made to control her strength (her aggression). According to Hindu mythology, if  a woman has a power to give a new life or birth, she also has a power to ruin the lives. So give her respect, love and she’ll give it you  back more than you give.Indian traditional women are perfect example of beauty with brain.They know how to manage their personal life ,social life and family. If she is working at the same time she can take care of her family because she is a master in management. A mother  is first management guru of a child.

If we compare traditional women and today’s modern women,traditional woman is nowhere less than modern women. The glorious history of women is known by every one. In the Vedic Era indian women were literate and were expert in medical science, astrology , archery etc. I tell you there’s a hidden traditional woman in every Indian woman whether she’s modern or not. And the knowledge  You and I have about our traditions it’s all because of our grandmothers and mothers who gave us all these values through bed-stories,lullabies, pickles and their lovely delicious “finger licking” good food .
The Beauty of an Indian woman is AN ADDITION IN TRADITION . 

24 thoughts on “Traditional Indian Women 

  1. I follow your blog cause everytime you come up with a different post and wite over that like a pro and never disappoint me. Get to learn so many things from you. I think u work like “give me any topic and i will write”. By the way i am having your winter love TEA. Cheers!!

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  2. Wonderfully written! Indian women are indeed symbols of tradition. But don’t you think that the newer generation hasn’t as much tried to make that little effort to carry on the traditional acpect of Indian women. The women are making wonderful progress in every field but the traditional values have struggled to catch up. As you said, there is a traditional women hidden within but maybe a lot haven’t searched enough to discover them.

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    1. Every woman has a traditional woman inside her,but under the limelight of westernization they hiding it cause they think that people will think them as an orthodox as usually people say you really do that old customs huh… We don’t but from internally they are traditional and they respect the values. That’s why I use the word “hidden”.

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      1. True! I expressed what I have observed. See, a person like me can only say what I observe, I can never say what a women goes through and how she feels from within. This is where honest people like you play an important role. By interacting with you through your blog I learn a lot, I understand a woman better. Your views are really exceptional! And I always enjoy coming up with contrasting opinions in your blog, because I get the learn from different dimensions. And I still respect your prospective.

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      2. Its a kind gesture of you. Thanks for the appreciation and learning is a give and take process. You learn from me and I learn from you. The world would be a better place if every one will start thinking like you.

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      3. Feels great to hear that and I’m happy about the fact that we are willing to learn from each other’s strengths. More than me the people who have taught me to be what I think today deserve the credit for it.

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