Jallikuttu – a bull fighting 

One Bull and a crowd of screaming people.Its not a story but its reality,a scene of a bull fighting. Yes, today I am writing about the bull fighting in India typically parctised in  Tamilnadu state as part of festival  Pongal, celebrated on Muttu Pongal day. The bull fighting in this festival is known as Jallikuttu or sallikkutu , also known as Eru Thazhuvuthal and Manju virat.Lets talk profoundly,  the word Jallikuttu is the modern term derived from sallikkutu, here ‘Salli’ means coins and ‘kuttu’ means package,in this Multiple human participants attempt to grab the large hump of the bull with both arms and hang on to it while the bull tries to escape. Participants hold the hump as long as possible,and try to control the bulls actions. In some cases, participants must ride long enough to remove flags on the bull’s horns. MANJU VIRAT means “bull chasing”.

In this sport a bull, commanly of the Kangayam breed, is released into the crowd  (wohoo thrilling!!)

Instead of the traditional form of one man against one animal, jallikuttu is a mass participant ritual of thousands of men chasing a bull. 

Nowdays, jallikuttu become a national concern cause the people of Tamilnadu is “passionate” about jallikuttu Supreme court banned the practice in may, 2014.

But my concern is a bull. Yes, a bull, everyone is enjoying the sport obviously they are scared but they are enjoying . A poor bull run here and there and Hundreds of  men chasing a bull and trying to hold on to its hump or stop it by pulling at or twisting its tail. People laugh and clap but not a single person think, “may be this bull is scare”. When I saw the video of jallikuttu on YouTube I didn’t understand do I laugh or cry?

If I see a running bull in front of me, I will surely run back to my home. Definitely I’m not the one who shows strength on a strong scared bull. the sport wass also popular in  spain ,they used  red cloth to make a bull angry. Why animals are being treated as playing tools .They are not aware what people are going to do with them. Is humanity getting lost in black hole with pasding days?? I mean there are lots of sports to play but people are treating animals in this way to just for their entertainment. If i talk about India ,if a bull in anger, hit a person it becomes breaking news and show concern about the person. But in this case they are humiliating the bull , now the question is whom to blame?

Basically my point is animals are not people’s entertainment tool , they are created by god to add beauty in the nature not for this kind of apathy.

55 thoughts on “Jallikuttu – a bull fighting 

  1. Yesterday only I came from Pondicherry to Chennai to take a flight from there. Had to face hardship to reach as a massive protest was organized by people and roads are blocked. Reason was Jallikattu. I thought of reading about it and you presented it in a nice way. Yet I am having difference of opinion. India is a largest exporter of beef, and of course, beef is produced by slaughtering bulls and cows. Where are PETA and other pet lovers ? Heard no voice from them on this issue.

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      1. You are right abhay that they should first prevent the slaughtering of animal but as i am not an authorized person to say anything behalf of them .You and me only can give suggestion to them but slaughtering of animal is serious issue and i think they are working on it . If i suggest there must be a apex body to prevent this and people should support them to as government alone can’t get things on track .

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  2. I have heard a lot about this being a hot news in India but I didn’t know what it was all about. I googled it but couldn’t find what I wanted to know. However, after reading your post I have a fairly clear idea. Coming to the issue. It seems this is a tradition tamilians have been following since 400-100 BC. All of us have different traditions and in India it is just enormous. Being an Indian I know(and even you) how difficult it is to defy tradition. In honest terms, tradition is a business! No matter how inappropriate it is, tradition always holds it status. Honestly, I don’t agree with all of them. Jallikattu too doesn’t seem to be a fair deal. It is indeed a pity to see how we humans have become slaves of traditions than actually living life on fair terms.

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    1. In India, tradition easily become religion and politicians use religion for votes. The issue was resolved between center and state government and as we all know the ban was revoked today 21st January and the first jallikuttu post revoking will be conducted in madurai 22nd January.

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  3. I haven’t heard about it but its always scary to face a running bull although i feel same like should i laugh or scare.Beutiful post,will be going to check it on YouTube.

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  4. I have a difference of opinion on the explanation of the Sport. Just by watching few videos you have concluded, which I would suggest you not to because you know you will not get the actual Video but some Movie clippings, PeTA released video etc.,
    I have Written a Post on What actually Jallikattu is all about. I think you have read it and I agree animals are in the World to add beauty but we have used Animals in Various stages of human civilization..

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    1. Agree with you… But it’s my view. If you are scared and running and behind you a group of people running to reach you without any reason …would you like that? I think its NO , then how come an animal who can’t share its feeling, would like it?? I respect your views but here i am sharing my views only. I hope you can’t deny my point.

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      1. No, I am not denying your point but the Animal is not scared, that’s my whole point here.. Leave Jallikattu alone… On a normal day an individual will be scared to touch that bull because these bulls are raised specifically for Jallikattu. I respect your views but all I’m saying is you are a little misinformed and few informations you shared are misinformed. That’s all.


      2. I’m not trying to change your view.. Please note.. I request you to do even more research next time before sharing your viewpoints.. Still, I respect your views and you think these animals are humiliated. On the other hand you haven’t witnessed one because these were the times Jallikattu was banned and you didn’t get an opportunity.. So, next time if, you get an opportunity do visit the village and witness it for yourselves.. Thanks..:)


      3. I didn’t understand how can you so sure about the feeling of jallikuttu – bull. Yes, I agree they are trained but you can’t say they’re not scared. You can’t deny my views but you want me to do more research before write that’s why I wrote it’s an endless topic.


    2. In the matter of using animals for civilization i would like to add in ancient time there were not any motor cart or vehicle so people used to plough a farm or travel to one place to other by the medium of animals and that was need of that time and i think this was not harming the animals …. I am against the animal humiliation …. I just wrote what i thought .

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      1. Agreed and for the farmers who can’t afford to own a tractor or who can’t rent a tractor still uses Cows and bulls for ploughing.
        One more thing, secreting milk from a cow is also a kind of humiliation.. So, should we all stop drinking milk?


  5. 364 days people are worshipping and treating the bull as one of their family member. They are raising the bull with lot of affection and love. If the bull or cow dies in their family, they bury on their land, same manner, like when any one in the family dies. They are conducting this jalli kattu, just to show pride and strength of both the bull and the man. Just shared my point of view. It’s their tradition.

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