What really inspire you… ??? 

Every person has a dream of a big house or to be one of the richest person or to become a doctor or an Engineer or an IAS or may be something else and everyone is trying to turn his or her dream into reality but only few succeed and these few persons become an ideal or an inspiration.

An inspiration…?

I never understand how can anyone inspire you? Yes, you read it right.  As my grandfather used to tell me, “may be you have an ideal like everyone has but you can’t wait for an inspiration because there is nothing and no one who comes to you and say do it. It’s only your inner voice that gives you strength and inspire you to take the risk and  motivate you with the emotion  as whatever happens, you have to do this otherwise you never know what can happen next to you.”

I don’t know whether his words impacted on my mind or something else like genetics but I don’t believe in getting inspired by someone.  I feel we just assume that a person inspire us but he doesn’t, he did his task passionately in some adverse situations and became successful. The continue hard work in opposite situations made him successful and the continue hardwork and success relate us with this man and he became our ideal and our inner voice poked us to do such kind of hardwork which give you success and we got our inspiration.

So the only thing I want to say there’s nothing that inspired us its only WE who inspire ourselves and we call it Motivation.

If you examine the lives of your so called ideal there is no one who inspired him/her. Are they born to inspire us?  No.. That’s not true they don’t have any inspiration because they led themselves to self inspired. All ideal personalities did something that no one dare to did earlier and that kind of passion, hardwork, vision and most of all the courage of calculated risk taken ability led them to be a successful person.

For me, inspiration comes from your desires. A desire to do something different, to do something revolutionary, to do something that never happened before and this desire makes a difference, A difference from others.

So as I quoted before “Don’t wait for an inspiration, be an inspiration

All The Best !!!


10 thoughts on “What really inspire you… ??? 

  1. A very thoughtful post indeed. You’ve certainly sparked a question worth asking. Even in our daily conversations we say that we are inspired by someone or something. What of that source dies? Then what? Honestly I’ve never thought about this situation. Great post!

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