Unlock your success.

Everyone has an ideal, a successful person who inspire you to be like him. We  hear a saying “failure always have an excuse” many times by our parents or teachers but I always believe that failure doesn’t have  excuses  but excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure .

Well, I have some solid reasons why I think that so…

First reason is COMPARISON . If you ask anyone  why he doesn’t get success??, without thinking for a minute he reply “Cause of lack of sources”  and gives name of a guy who currently become his ideal and give you a reason why that person is  successful and he is not.

Second reason is a 2nd PLAN.  If you have an other plan like I was preparing for MBBS (plan A)  but before exam I thought if i didn’t clear this enterance then I will becom a dentist at least (plan B)  and if that also won’t be happen then I can become a biologist or farmist(plan C) . So the point is  the backup plan distract you from  concentrating on your goal and this tends you to failure.

Third and most obvious reason is TIME. If someone says that I don’t have time to do this or that as I’m busy in such and such work ,I feel , that gives you a big reason to become a failure. For me every person has 24hours equally and the country’s prime minister to a normal labour has 24hours to do  work, eat and sleep. Every successful and every failure has the same hours but what we need to get success is just to know how to spend each minute and where to spend your luckiest hours. So for me time’s mismanagement is one of the excuse.

Someone may easily become your ideal but to make yourself an ideal is something that change you completely.So the conclusion is if want to be successful don’t give any excuse just learn TIME Management and this is the key to success!!
Always remember nobody is  impressed with how good your excuses are but your determination and time management wins everyone’s heart.


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