The cycle race 2017 in uttar pradesh (UP) 

Elections start soon in uttar pradesh and the fight over the kursi(chair) has  started in a famous political family between father and son . Well, sp ( samajwadi party) leaders and family members attempt to prevent this split in lucknow by series of meeting,but nothing seems good. There’s a dim chances of reconcilisation between son akhilesh yadav, chief minister of up,  and father mulayam Singh yadav, the founder of sp.

The political family drama “who wins the cycle race?” become everyone’s cup of tea. It’s an Indian version of game of thrones,  Akhilesh met his uncle shivpal yadav, who’s one of the reason why he estranged with his father and the patriarch mulayam Singh yadav. By then he rushed to meet mulayam who’s in press conference and after meeting mulayam canceled  this conference.

Sometimes I feel this political family created a drama but why…? The purpose of this fake war is to raise the profile of Akhilesh Yadav as a martyr-hero and help the party win the election. Is Mulayam Singh Yadav so naive as to believe he will be made president or vice president by the BJP government? Perhaps he is. But for that, why will he act in a way that sabotages the chances of his party doing well in the assembly elections? After all, MLAs elected in this assembly election would be needed to vote in the presidential and vice presidential electoral college.

I’m so excited as it’s a human nature. Let’s see who wins this “cycle race”  neta ji (mulayam) or beta ji(akhilesh).


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