Mind your own business…….??? 

Please don’t think I’m a feminist. judge me after reading this. ..

Do   you ever listen a boy is molested by girls? Or a group of girls humiliated a boy who’s alone in a bus?

Really… Did you ever listen all that kind of news?  No, i think nobody listen these type of news. I think after damini gang rape case I found everyday a damini in headlines and what we do for her…. a candle March…. , give opinions through social media.. or raising voice in front of parliament house. Many of us says it’s boys mistake on that terrible moment they should be punished and some of us says girls are also wrong she doesn’t do this or that. She does this or that. Actually who are we to decide what she does or doesn’t??  Who are we to judge her how she was molested…??  Who are we to judge her character by her clothes and time….?

After damini case we have an  another mile stone as a “banglore mass molestation ” that happens in new year. There are 1500 police officers in this area where the crime happen with not only one damini but many. If girls are not safe in crowd then where…??

Length of clothes and clock can’t safe a girl to be a victim. Acussed can be anyone it’s not related to his class, his education or aura of the face. Girls we just need to be safe anywhere, no matter with whom we are, the only thing we need to learn who we are….

Banglore incident makes me feel like we are evolving backwards, from human to beast, i don’t want to use the word animal because they are far better than us.

And girls if anyone comment on your dress and give you any advice about it’s length then replies them confidently “mind your own business and thank you.”

We need to teach our boys how to see a girl, how to treat her and most of all how to respect her.


8 thoughts on “Mind your own business…….??? 

  1. I appreciate this article or trueheartedly agree with you…women are free to make their own choices in the clothes.it is not the decision of others to dictate or decide.stay calm and keep a certain distance to people with such minds.

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  2. Agree with you Monika. Want to say that Nothing is more beautiful than freedom, and nothing more grotesque than its molestation. Need to Change the way to see a girl, Change THINKING. A little change can save Your SISTER, FRIEND, MOTHER…

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  3. There is a saying,” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” This should be applied to the way ‘filthy men’ see women. We are citizens of a country were nearly every political move is made for personal gains and not public welfare. Whenever there is an unfortunate incident it’s more about the opposition trying to blame the Govt. than pleading for justice and trying to create a better society. When this changes, the world will be a better place.

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