Sorry, you’re not my type… 

Things do not remain the same when someone starts insulting you because of a silly reason and it becomes more complicated when its habitual. Today I met my childhood friend avika. She’s a beautiful girl with fair complexion, black  hair and brown eyes that gives her a fascinating  look. The town boys crush on her but she doesn’t give attention to any of them .

She entered in my room with a black top and blue jeans that gave her an attractive look. We hugged and laughed. I made cheese sandwiches for her. I told her  about my life incidents but she was busy in chatting that made me feel little awkward . I shout at her, “are you coming here for chatting…. 😠 listen to me.” she gave me a smile and took a sandwich.

As I met her today after one year i find her little strange. As she never check her mobile when she talk to me so I asked her, “what’s the issue yr talk to me and put your phone down.”  she gave me a smile but she wouldn’t ready to leave her 5inch long phone. I looked at her phone like an imp.

After 10min,the reason of brawl ,obviously her phone started ringing but she didn’t pick the call. She rejected calls 5-6 times ,I asked her to pick it up but she didn’t ,  I snatched her phone and picked up the call before I say anything, a man scolded saying her name and using abusive and informsl language then I abort the call and glared her shockingly. She didn’t utter a word but a  tear rolled down from her eye on her chick as she didn’t control it.

I hugged her tightly and asked her who’s he?  She started sobbing and said “he is my bf, I have sent him message before coming here but….”  I gave her a glass of water and asked has he done the same before? She didn’t say anything and took the glass.

She asked me, “what should I do?”

I replied, “If he can’t respect you and your words than he surely doesn’t love  you my sweety……call him now and say Sorry, you’re not my type.”


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