Am I “anti-social” element??? 

I never understand the real meaning of “anti-social”. Yes, I never get it. As I’m a private person I haven’t a long list of friends. I don’t like to be a part of gossip and judge anyone. So I have friends that I count on my fingers and I know these people very well. But my relatives  call me “anti-social”. Really….. Are you sick.?  They say go out and attend this event or party have some fun. . . What the f? 

If I  go out and make so many friends, then you think I’m social or I have to raise my voice on each and every topic which is not related to me or start involving everyone’s personal life.  Socialism is not about openess its all about care, love and respect. And I love every person who is connected with me, I know everything about them and respect what they are. 

I have few friends but they mean alot to me. May be I don’t know how to talk but I know how to care and respect.  May be I don’t know how to be social but I love the title “anti-social”. 


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